Saturday, February 14, 2009

Surgery Today for the Pump

This morning when we got to Dave he was not well at all, he told us he knew that his body was shutting down, he had been up all night sick and just not feeling right. That terrible feeling carried on all morning until they took him up for surgery at 2pm. It was not good, it was as bad or worse as he had been in Hawaii, and this time he was on 3 different meds for his heart.

The surgery started at about 3:30 and they finished up in record time at 5:30, I was very blessed to have two of my oldest and dearest friends by our side that whole time. My girlfriends Lacey and Lora, who both live in Bakersfield, made the drive up here this morning to hold our hands and be our support group during the surgery and day after. I can't tell you what a blessing they were to us and the kids, God really knew what we needed and it was both of them.

The surgery went very well, David's heart did stop at one point in the surgery for about a minute and they had to hand pump his heart and do CPR but they got him back quickly. He did have to have a blood transfusion during the surgery, and when they got in there they saw his liver had started to fail so they did some repair work on that by giving him some plasma, they believe that will get the liver up and going again.

We got to see Dave at about 7pm, he of course was totally out of it and is still all tubed up but it was good to see him and be able to hold his hand and kiss him. It was a hard couple of moments when we were in there. The surgeon at that point told us that his heart had looked very bad and he more then likely wouldn't have survived after today if they hadn't of put in this pump. His heart was done and too "irritated" by all of the meds. One of the many miracles of today, I still can't believe how close we came to losing him.

Tomorrow we will go and visit for a little while, but he will still be pretty out of it. Also, just so you all know, he will be in a different room now so please don't call the old # and the hospital has asked that no one call the hospital looking for him until he is out of the ICU, probably a week or two. I will be sure to post the new # when we get it and then I know people will be anxious to talk to him.

For those of you who want to know what they put in him today take a look at this link:

I will also put the link on the "links of interest" side bar of the blog.

Also, today I felt your prayers, it was the most awesome feeling I have ever felt. I honestly felt covered in prayer today. I have never felt that ever before, it was such a comforting blanket feeling. It is so hard to explain, I was at peace and felt just perfect. I felt them you guys, I know we had some mighty prayer warriors out there today and I know that is why he is still alive.

We are just beginning this long journey........


  1. Im hoping you get to read this or hear it sometime soon.....hopefully it will make you smile

    David I love you so much.Tuesday was an encouraging day for me , its so amazing to see how much trustyou have in God. I cant wait to come up and see you aain and share some more great stories, that are often at brads expense or in that case anyone elses i just thought of that onr time you spent the night at my house and you found that hood to someones jacket and you wore it all night, you even slept in it. that was pretty funny, im still laughing. i cant wait for more ofthose times.Im praying for you bro
    I love You

  2. Congrats on the milestone david... im so happy for you that there is the technology around to allow the time to find the right heart for you :)... god is certainly looking out for you... hugsssss... keep up the good work, your truely blessed

    David, you and your family are doing just that.
    He's with you through all of this and so are a lot of people you know and don't know. We're all praying for you and your family. With love,
    Cary, Heather, Hayley and Chloe Clifford

  4. David, we are all grateful that you are in the best of all hospitals for your condition. We know that you will make it through this journey and we want to extend our thanks to all of the dedicated doctors and nurses at Stanford for their skill and determination. We also would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Robert Jarvik for seeing the future in cardiac care long ago and making a future possible for so many in need.
    David, you are an inspiration to so many right now and are deserving of all of our admiration.

    with love,
    Grant, Annette, Kyle & Kaelyn

  5. David, your faith and trust in God is an inspiration and as I've been praying for you, my faith and trust in our Heavenly Father has grown deeper...truly, it has. I know God's hand is on you and your family and never have I been more grateful for modern medicine than I am today. I miss you and look forward to when we can talk again. I love you, Michelle