Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I was pulling out of the hotel parking lot this morning I looked to my left and there was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen, and it was complete at that! I paused for a moment and took a deep breath because I knew that the Lord sent me that rainbow this morning. I was reminded of all the promises he has made to us and the many ways he has already kept those promises in my life. He has said that he will never leave me or forsake me, and I was once again reminded of that this morning. That rainbow was a sign to me that he is still here, right beside me every day, I can feel him next to me in all that I do.

Doug wanted me to do a little update on Dave and what is going on "medically" right now. Yesterday he had part of the central line pulled out, he still has some tubes going in to that side of his neck, but it was a good thing that they pulled part of it out. They had originally told us it might have to stay in for up to a week. He also had to have another line put in on the other side of his neck during the surgery, but they pulled that out yesterday as well. He also got one of the chest tubes pulled out, and that usually doesn't happen for a few days after surgery. He is hoping for the other one to come out today as well as the catheter, but we will have to see.

He started retaining some fluid yesterday and he described it as just like the way he felt before going to Hawaii, so they started him up on the Lasik drip once again, but the docs say that is quite normal after that surgery. The pump is working at a 30% efficiency right now and that is great! His heart rate is still in the 100's but they do have him on an epinephrine drip as well as the Dopamine still and that will increase his heart rate for a bit. Those will eventually be taken off as the pump does its job.

As soon as he gets booted from the ICU he will be put back on the transplant list as a 1a status for a month, but after that month he will be bumped to a 1b. We are really praying for a heart in that month's time. His release from the ICU all depends on how fast he recovers, but we are all confident that it will be by this weekend.

I am excited to see him this morning and see the progress he has made over night, I have great faith that it will be significant. I have to wait until 10am before they will let me go back there and see him, I'll tell you what those ICU nurses are nice but man they mean business!

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