Thursday, February 12, 2009

Central Line

They just left with Dave to insert the line, and my heart breaks for what he has to go through. There are some days when I am so strong, and there are days like today when I feel so very weak. I am sitting here with tears just flowing as I long to take his place in all of this. It is going to be such an uncomfortable procedure and uncomfortable way for him to be with that in his neck. He was so upset that it came down to this and I am so upset because I just wish he wasn't going through any of this. It seems so unfair that he has to go through all of these immense trials at such a young age, but would you believe that he is the one who told me this morning that we don't have to understand why, because through it all God has a plan. I envy his incredible strength and faith through this time, it is something that I just don't have. I do have faith that this is all in Gods hands and whatever happens is part of something grander then we know, but I don't have the strength that he has or the peace with what is going on that he has. I have learned so many life lessons through this young man, God is truly at work through him.

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  1. Prayers still going out to Dave and the family! Keep the faith and God will lead the way! My heart truely breaks for you during this time. If you ever need to just talk you can email me at or I am also on Yahoo messenger as navymom0911
    God bless and be with you