Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 7th, 2009

So it is the weekend and I am at home while Doug is with Dave, it is really unreal to me that we are actually handling this schedule without to0 much whining or complaining. It is true that the Lord will give you the strength you need to handle any situation.

I have spoken to David a couple of times today, he sounded good and upbeat, I am so glad! His Grandma Linda drove the 2 hour drive today to come and give him a much needed haircut and he is now clean shaven. When I spoke to him on the phone he said he felt so much better just after those two simple tasks were taken care of, so thank you Grandma Linda, he REALLY appreciated it!!

They had to start a regular IV in his hand today, something they haven't had to do since they inserted the PICC line last week. I guess the PICC got blocked somehow and his meds weren't getting through, but they got it working finally this afternoon. He hates getting poked over and over!

In other news, last week he had a chef's salad from the cafeteria, and he LOVED them, they were very satisfying to him and he has wanted one every day. Only one problem, they stopped serving them after the first 2 days of his new found love. So he has been making do with Chicken Ceaser Salads, and on Thursday one of the nurses brought him a comment card to fill out for the cafeteria because he has missed the Chef Salad so much. Well, today on the phone he told me that the Dietician came up and asked him about this comment card he turned in, she said she would do what she could in bringing them back to the cafeteria for sale, but in the mean time she was having the kitchen prepare a personal chef salad just for him. He was SO EXCITED, and I was so happy that he was brought some joy today, even in just a little way.

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  1. Hello to all again,

    What a journey so far. Improvement and small miracles have been taking place.

    I read with alot of tears Bronwyn that you wrote in the recent blogs. My words of wisdom for you is keep expressing yourself. This will help you more than anything else to keep moving forward through this unbearable time. As you said you didn't want to question why? It is OK to feel like you need answers. Our good Lord will reveal slowly what is to come out of all of this. Maintain a time to nuture yourself through all of this so that you can cope with situations as they arise. I for one share this with you because I know it helped me. Take a deep breath and say "I surrender and please just continue to give me guidance and strength for all who need me" and it shall come.
    We will continue to follow and keep of course everyone in our prayers and have reached out for others to pray for all of you.
    Love, Liz, Lianna and Paul