Monday, February 16, 2009

A long day, but a good day

As I said in my previous post Dave was much better today, the speech people came in and he showed excellent improvement in swallowing so they went ahead and are allowing him to have thin liquids and very soft foods, he was so happy to hear it and instantly wanted a soda, he didn't care what kind, he was just craving a soda. Doug and the kids left around 2pm and I was sad to see them go, it was nice having them around all weekend, but the Lord will give us all the strength to get through this, I know. When I went in to see Dave for the last visit of the day, they had him set up and dangle his feet they also had him stand up straight. While he was doing this he asked the nurse if he could try and take a few steps and he did! He went forward and backward a couple of times before getting too tired. That was great progress for the day and we were all excited about that. The doctors did confirm that David had a very minor stroke, but they expect 100% recovery.

Dave got MANY cards again today we thank you for that! He also got a fair amount of packages as well, one from his friend Amanda that had a sweet card and little bear in it. Grandma Vicky sent a set of Far Side books that he is looking forward to reading once he gets out of the ICU and Michelle J- thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies you sent to not only Dave but to all of us! The kids loved all of it and so did I! You and Lauren are toooo sweet to us!

He had some special visitors today, Kevin Boesler drove down and spent a good deal of time alone with David and I am really glad they did. David needed to hear from someone else that God is by his side during this time and Kevin has always given Dave the strength he has needed. After that my brother Ricky drove down to spend some time by his side, and that was a visit that really lifted David's spirit. He and Rick are very close and it was so special to me that Rick took the time to come and do that today, I know it really made Dave's day. He was pretty tired out when I left him and he was quickly fading into a drug induced sleep. He ate a little and drank a fair amount today, which leads me to believe tomorrow will be even better!

As for me, I had to do laundry for myself when I came back to the hotel room, alas these chores that still have to be done during all of this. I was never so happy as to see the leftover pizza that Lacey, Lora, and I shared on Saturday night. It really hit the spot! I am now going to get ready to turn the laundry to the dryer, pour me a big glass of wonderful red wine (more leftovers from Sat night) and finally relax with the TV after these very emotional few days. Isn't it amazing how God takes us off the roller coaster and gives you the quiet just when you need it the most? That is how I feel right now, the ride has paused for a moment and I am catching my breath before I get back on.


  1. Bronwyn, you are truly a mother I admire. God has reflected His awesome glory through you and your son David. David is a wonderful example as well as you yourself are. I thank you for that. You are a part of our family forever and always. God has blessed us all through this experience. Please know that we are all continuously lifting David and your family up in prayer. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen! The Uribe/Epstein Family in Bear Vally.. Please tell David Ryan is praying for him as well as Tori...

  2. P.S.. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us who are constantly checking in our your blog...I know you are just getting by but you still take the time to write us..God bless you for that...

  3. The Lord continues to bless you. Your daily writings here are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing David's Journey. Sincerely, richandlori

  4. Praise God for His healing hand! Praise God for family! Praise God for good friends that care much! And praise God for Quiet moments with Him just to know he is there!
    I love you all tons!
    P.S. See there. What did I tell ya? David has a testimony to tell many about God's mercy and grace, and having faith and trust in God! Speech being restored. :-)

  5. How great it is that Dave had such a great day! It is so wonderful that there are so many people praying for Dave and the family. The whole family appreciates all of you for your help and support in so many ways. Hugs to all of you Bronwyn and loving being able to keep up with you on the blog. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Witt

  6. Dear Dave,
    Hi heard about your story and i am touched God is trulie a great God in healing you day by day. I am praying for you, that God will make you healed completely. You may not know me but am Faith Elissague.I am Alycia Elissague's sister. I just wanted you to know that I love you and i am praying for you! I will see every day by the power of Jesus how you are being healed every day!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Faith Elissague

  7. Hi, Dave.
    There are a bunch of folks who are Worldmark timeshare owners who are following your journey, thanks to your Grandpa Fred asking everybody for our prayers. You have many, many people pulling for you that you don't even know!! Your determination is amazing!! Lea

  8. Dave gave us all quite a scare there. We are so glad that he is recovering quickly!

    The pump is working great, his heart is already decreased in size by about 30% and his chest tube came out already.

    He'll be on the 1A list for about 30 days, that should give them plenty of time to find a really good matching heart for him.

    Thanks everyone for praying!

  9. Browyn,

    I have been praying daily for Dave, you and your family. I was so thankful to read that Dave had a good day and God has given you and your family encouragement.

  10. David and family,
    We pray often and you and your family are a real inspiration and example of what a Christian should be.
    Cathy and Don Wiggin