Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29th, 2009

We are having some difficulties over this way, and I have been very closed mouthed about it on the blog because well quite frankly I have been embarrassed. I have felt like maybe I haven't been doing my job right and I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of David and who he is. But then today a really good friend pointed out to me that I have always been incredibly honest about my feelings on the blog and have never held back so why should I start now. After much prayer I have agreed with her. Because, if no one knows what is going on then no one knows how to pray! So here goes....

David is doing good I guess depending on how you look at it.... he broke a lot of "rules" over the weekend. I didn't say anything then nor now... he had to "fess" up to the doctors and nurses on Monday when they called to check in on him. I am glad he was honest with him, but because of the choices he made, he more then likely won't be getting a weekend pass again. Another problem he is been having now as well as the last 4 weeks is that he is doing nothing to expedite his "rehab" process. All he does is lay in bed, that does not help his body nor his mind, it also doesn't do anything to help him get ready to leave here. This 3 months is supposed to be teaching him how to re live his life and he is choosing not to do that, therefore they may not let him leave in June, he may have to stay into July, which will not be fun for any of us. But the doctors aren't seeing any effort on his part to rehab or practice life style changes. I refuse to nag him about what he should be doing, he knows what he needs to be doing, he is choosing not to do it. At least he is honest with the doctors when they ask. So please pray for him to have a change of heart and to want to rehab his body and life. Right now he is showing no desire to do that, and that has to change.

Physically he is healing fine, but in addition to that he is supposed to be exercising (3 hours a week in Physical Rehab does not count), he is supposed to be practicing and maintaining a good diet ALL the time, he is supposed to be managing his meds and wearing his mask all the time and the right way, he is supposed to be taking his vitals and writing them down every day, he is supposed to be learning how to live life to the fullest because he was given a second chance. He is doing none of what I just mentioned. They gave him the weekend pass in hopes that he would feel the light on the other side and want to start making some serious changes, but instead he made some not good choices over the weekend with food, sleep, meds, and vitals. In addition to that he came back and fell into the same patterns as before proving to the doctors that the weekend pass wasn't a good thing.

He doesn't need anyone else "ragging" on him, I leave that up to the medical professionals. But he does needs prayers for a change of heart and mind, none of us are sure what is going on and why he isn't living life to the fullest with this new heart, but something needs to change and quick. The possibility of us having to stay on longer then June is looking pretty great at this point because of his lack of cooperation, and if any of you know David, this is not like him at all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Weekend Pass

I was so tired yesterday from the very busy weekend that I didn't post, so sorry! We did have a very nice weekend going home and being together as a WHOLE family. We learned a lot about how we really depend on the "Stanford Net" and how different things are going to be when we all go home for good. It was a good practice session overall for all of us and I am glad that we did it. We had some great family time and everyone was really happy to see David. He got to meet some people that have been praying for him and that was special for him and them as well.

Friday night we went out to dinner with some good family friends and just enjoyed being "normal" for an evening, it was really nice. Then David and I went and hung out with my dad for awhile which was really nice and something that I don't get to do very often, so we all really liked that. Saturday my sister Sarah had a BBQ at her house to celebrate the weekend pass and that was a lot of fun to be around all the family. I love my nieces and nephews so much and Dave liked just being there and relaxing. They have a beautiful new house with a pool and it was a great day to be outside so it was a really nice afternoon. Saturday night we all went out to dinner again but this time it was all of the family, both of my sisters and their families, and my dad and stepmother. It was rowdy but a lot of fun and David really enjoyed himself.

Saturday night I already had a previous engagement with some friends so I left and Doug was in charge:) David had his Uncle over and 2 more friends for a computer LAN party. They stayed up through the night playing computer games and I know he really enjoyed himself. He slept most of the day on Sunday before we came home, I had a baby shower to go to, and so after I got home we left.

Overall it was a really nice trip home for the weekend. I do think that he over did it a bit and is a little depressed to have to come back to the homtel, but it was a good experience for all of us and I am really glad that we had the chance to do it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23rd, 2009

We got great news today! The doctors gave David a weekend pass home!! YIPPEE!! He gets to go home on Friday night and stay in Galt until Sunday afternoon! We are all so excited! He hasn't stopped smiling since they told him that today in clinic! He is over the moon with happiness! It is just great.... I am so happy to see him happy. We are unsure of how often he will be allowed weekend passes, but even if it is just this once it is soooo worth it. Our friend the nurse thinks it will probably only be twice a month even though David is hoping for every weekend! But still something is better then nothing! I can't wait for us all to be home even if it is just for two days! This is so exciting! And they cleared him to swim, which was another awesome thing, especially since it has been so hot up here! So he is just smiles all around. Since we didn't have a biopsy today it was a quick visit... and we got home by lunch time!!

Precious Heavenly Father thank you so much for providing us with such good news today and giving David the uplift that he has so desperately needed and that only you could provide. I pray that you provide for us a safe weekend ahead that nothing will go wrong and that he will listen to his mind and body and not over do. I also pray that you will help me to relax and not be a nervous wreck all weekend worrying about him since we will be outside of the Stanford net. Please help me release the caterpillar as he starts to turn into the beautiful butterfly. In his precious name.... AMEN.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a side note

Please check out this website when you get a chance.....

Our good friend Joe Matthews is also a heart transplant survivor and is competing in the World Transplant Olympics. He will be representing his nation but also Stanford and their abilities to preform such a miracle of life. Please check out his website and donate whatever you can if you feel so inclined. He has been not only a good friend but a huge inspiration and support system for David and our family.

Thank you so much~

April 22nd, 2009

Today was a good day! Dave had cardiac rehab today as well as his 4 hour infusion over at the hospital after rehab. I took that 4 hours to good use and made a lunch date with my new friend Sarah, boy was that sooo much fun! Real honest to goodness girl time! I didn't realize how much I had really been missing that! We had a great lunch and then sat outside and enjoyed this beautiful weather and talked for almost 3 hours! It was so fantastic, she and I have really connected and she has been such a blessing to me! I felt very refreshed and happy after we parted ways and I went and picked up David. When I picked him up he smiled and said, "yep you've been with Sarah" I laughed and said, "how can you tell?" And he said,"cuz you are all happy". I just laughed at him! He has been in much better spirits these days and is constantly giving me a hard time, this is how I know he is feeling better!

Tomorrow is clinic day, but no biopsy so it should be a short visit! His blood pressure has been a little high so they may adjust his meds some but other then that I am expecting it to be a pretty standard visit. Doug will be coming here for the weekend and I am going home for the first time in 3 weeks! I am glad, I am starting to forget what it looks like! :) Dave is really starting to improve in all areas and that makes me really happy! He is starting to behave like his old self again and that just makes me feel happy all over. I can honestly say that there was a time not so long ago that I didn't think it would be possible to feel honest to goodness happiness or laughter in my heart again. I am so glad that I have a God that has shown me the error of my thinking and that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM WHO SAVES!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21st, 2009

We just got back from Physical therapy and David had to laugh at how tired he is! And he said they really didn't do all that much therefore proving how deconditioned his body really is. But he says it feels good to get his body moving again and really start pumping. His therapist for PT is not a slacker at all she works him hard and I can tell it is really doing him some good. I just dropped him off today because I spotted a Joanns down the street, and couldn't resist going in and seeing what they had in the way of Scrapbooking supplies.... hehe. I picked him up though with a good 10 minutes to spare and I could tell by his face that it was a good workout. Now he is pacing around here full of energy, a good work out will do that for ya! I have to laugh because that is a problem he has NOT had in the recent weeks so it is good to see the boy out of bed for a change! I gave him a few "chores" to do and he surprised me by actually doing them! But I suspect the morning will wear on him soon and he will want to take a nap pretty soon here. I actually have a doctor appt for myself this afternoon, so I told him that might be a good time for him to sleep.

I am so proud of him, he has really been trying his best. There has been more then a few times in the last 5 weeks that I have been really worried about him, but in the last couple of days I have really seen a difference. I think talking to the psychiatrist has helped a lot and knowing that he will have that release every week is a good thing for him, plus the anti depressant is probably finally kicking in. The poor guy has so much to work through mentally, physically, and emotionally and I am really proud of him so far. He is such a good kid and really knows how to kick it in gear when it matters.

Dear Lord, thank you again for giving David this awesome second chance at life. Thank you for providing us with the best doctors in the world, thank you for giving them the gifts to help David. Thank you for providing us with friends and family that really want to help David and allowing them to show it on an every day basis with the uplifting emails and messages that they send. Just knowing that you are behind all of this makes every day worth living. I praise you Father in Heaven because through you all things are possible. Amen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th, 2009

Once again the Lord chose today to test my diligence and faith!! But oh how the Lord is faithful in reminding us that he is there and near to us every step of the way. And how great of a son that I have where he chose to remind me that he loves me very much and he wouldn't have it any other way. I just walked up to him and gave him a big old smacker right on the face!! He of course was totally embarrassed, but come on how can I not just love him to pieces right now. Not only has he told me I am the best mom several times in the last 24 hours, but he continually loves on me and tells me how thankful he is for me. That is all I need to hear! How great is our God to throw he and I together during this time so that we can really bond and learn from each other. As much as I miss my little ones I am learning so much about myself through this whole thing! I am learning how to be a better friend, how to stand up for myself, how to say no, how to set up boundaries, how to talk to people, and how to be a better mother in the end. Life is to short to be walked all over and David and I are both learning that.

David is quite possibly the best kid on this planet in my eyes right now, and I consider it an honor to know him and love him. He has stood up for me and defended me as his mother in more ways then I can count, and I give him major points for that, because he doesn't have to do that, but he does it because he loves me and he wants to do it. That is an honor for me. He is a great kid and I love that he is such a quiet God loving kid. He doesn't want a lot of attention or face, but he just wants to be loved and know that everyone around him is loved. We have had a good day today just him and I. We both had to face some big demons today, but together we overcame them and all will be well in the end, because together with God we can accomplish anything. We have already proven that:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures of the weekend

David happy to get an IPHONE for his birthday!

Hanging out at the pool with Aunt Dorothy and watching the little ones play in the pool!

Dave, Dad, and Mom

Dave checking out the new tint on his car!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 18th, 2009

20 years ago today a star was born!! For the first time in many long months I genuinely felt happy today, it was a good feeling to have happiness in my heart, laugh with my son, family and friends like I haven't laughed in a long time, and just really love life. Seeing David full of smiles and fun was all I needed to make it through the day, it was just an awesome day full of God's provisions for us. Many wonderful family members and friends drove in from all over the state to celebrate today, and we started the party late yesterday afternoon and will continue it on into tomorrow afternoon. David is loving every minute of it and when he hugged me tonight and said," thank you, I love you" his words were full of emotion. It was just what he needed and I am so glad the Lord inspired Doug and I to throw this together. We had just an awesome day today! Man I am jazzed right now! Have I said that enough!!!! I will post pictures tomorrow because as jazzed as I am, I am really tired. Throwing a party like this, even though there wasn't a ton of people, still took a lot out of me.

We took all the little ones down to the pool, and all of the adults, including David enjoyed watching all of the children play and splash around. Then afterwards we had an easy dinner provided by TOGOS sandwich shop and Costco :) Easy fixing and easy clean up!! Then we had Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert, David chose those:) And then it was present time! So many people were so generous to him this year, he was overwhelmed with gratitude! All of my family and friends went in together and got him an IPHONE as well as had his car windows tinted for him. He was very shocked and so happy. He was like a little kid again! Then after that his dad and I presented him with the DVD that I made. The first 5 minutes was all pictures of him growing up to present day with the song "Who am I" by Casting Crowns in the background, then the last 15 minutes were all the videos of well wishes that had been sent in by family and friends! We got tons of them, it was so AWESOME! He was so surprised by all who sent them in and he just sat there amazed. It was truly a great day.

After all of that settled down the younger ones watched a movie upstairs on my bed and us adults played a fun new game together, and of course the men beat the ladies! Oh well!! But Dave had lots of fun and we all just sat there with lots of happiness in our hearts. I am so glad that this day was here and that we are finally living again. That through God's grace David is living again!! Thank you Father in Heaven for providing such an awesome gift of life for our precious boy and making today so wonderful for him, he needed it and deserved it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16th, 2009

Busy day today.... man oh man.... Dave just went to bed at 7pm because he was beat from the day! First things first, the CT Scan of his chest came back just fine, there was a bit of fluid around his lungs but nothing that is totally abnormal after a surgery such as his, so we are just watching it. We had the regular clinic visit, xrays, echo, and biopsy drill, but got good news that from now on we only have to go to clinic once a week and biopsys will be every other week! This was excellent news for all of us! So his mood was better today and we ordered pizza to celebrate. He also started talk therapy today, and that really helped as well, I can already see the difference. It was a really great day, I am so blessed to me the mama of this young man. I once again today just wanted to squeeze him over and over and tell him what a blessing he is in my life.

Tomorrow will be a busy day getting ready for out of town guests and getting ready for the big birthday celebration! We were both talking today and we are both looking forward to it, yesterday he was all Mr. Grouch about it, but today he said he was looking forward to it. I am a happy mommy tonight and we have agreed that tomorrow we are going to SLEEP IN! :) We have had to get up early every day this week, so that will be our reward! And then tomorrow night Doug and the kids arrive! As well as our good friends the Whites and my Aunt and Uncle! OOOHHH I can't wait! God has been so good to us!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise Birthday Gift For David

I am putting together a surprise memory DVD for David's 20th birthday this weekend. On this DVD I am including video clips from people all around that are wishing him a happy birthday or a special wish, most of these clips are coming to me via email. If anyone out there would like to participate in this please feel free to email me the video clips to my email address: thanks! P.S I told Dave he was not allowed to check the blog until after his bday:) HAHA Also if you are near me I can come to you with my video camera and catch you on it, but let me know ASAP as I plan to finish it up Friday afternoon.


April 15th, 2009

We have had a quite busy week when I sit and think about it today, something has been going on everyday, and even though David has been a stinker, even he has to admit it makes the time go faster! Monday was as usual clinic day, and this time we drug dad and his siblings along with us. It was nice because Doug got to meet the doctors and nurses which was good because they are now what I refer to as our, extended family. The nurses also wanted to meet John and Claire, so that was nice as well. Then after all the clinic time and tests we grabbed lunch and the rest of the family went home... big sigh here. Yesterday David started his physical and cardiac rehab program at a hospital down the road a bit in a town called Redwood City. So we drove there yesterday morning and were there for a couple of hours, afterwards we went to Best Buy so he could spend a gift card he had and then came home. Then again he had rehab at the same place, and this will be his schedule from now on, physical and cardiac rehab every Tues and Wends in Redwood City. So something else to break up the week.

Bonnie called with the test results yesterday and everything looks pretty good, his E/F went up to 61% so at least it went up and not down. However his magnesium levels are still dropping so he is now on 12 magnesium pills a day, so she is looking into why that is going on. Another thing that they are looking into is the last couple of chest xrays have shown a density spot, and they aren't sure what it is. She didn't say much more then that other then they have been keeping an eye on it and since it hasn't gone away they now want him to have a Chest CT Scan done, so we are doing that at 7pm tonight. Bummer thing about that is nothing but fluids after 4:30 tonight, so prayers in that regard please!

Tomorrow is an all day clinic day with biopsy and he is seeing the therapist for the first time. He is being a stinker about all of his appts and really sees no point in going to any of them, thinks they are all a waste of time. So please pray for him to have a change of heart and to soften a little bit and to be able to open up tomorrow when it is just him and the therapist. It will be a long day tomorrow for him so Friday we are just resting because Saturday is the big birthday party! YEAH! He is really looking forward to that and all of the family and friends that are coming in for that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"You do not know the plans I have for you"

This scripture keeps going through my head over and over again these past few months, and let me tell you why. As we have sat in various hospital rooms, and I mean various, I would start to think about all the things in our lives that have happened that were preparing us for the course of events that have been taking place these past few months. The more I thought about it the more in awe I became of our Lord and how beautifully his plan works amongst us. When we think we are just living normal life or when we think we are climbing mountains with no obvious reward at the top it is because he has a bigger plan involved with those things. And in some cases it may not happen until much much later in life, I am just now beginning to realize this. As a Christian I at first felt like a sorry fool when this dawned on me, I felt like I should have known better and should have realized that of course the Lord had been preparing us for this all along, but I truly think that when you are living it you have no other recourse but to ignore the "signs" that he is preparing you for something so much bigger then you can ever imagine.

For us I truly believe that the preparing started way back when Doug became a single father to David, I honestly believe with all my heart that he was meant to be a single father to that sweet boy for a variety of reasons but one of which is because he was once again going to have to be a single father later on in life. I have zero hesitation leaving the kids in his care all week because I know without a doubt he can handle all the day to day activities, meals, and other necessary caring because he has done it before all on his own. This is not to say that other fathers could not to do it as well, but I honestly believe that 18 years ago the Lord was preparing Doug for another time when he would be fathering yet again on his own. He was building up his strength and courage so that he could step up and say, "I can and will do this."

Friendships to me were never a huge part of my life, I have always had friends, but up until about 10 years ago or so I really could have cared less if I had any "great" friends. I was very content with my life being just with Doug and David and had no desire to be around anyone else. I slowly started to build a friendship with 3 other women and we became very close, but honestly even after that I really didn't feel like I needed much more then that. Sometime about 5 years ago, the Lord really placed on my heart that something was missing in my life and through spiritual encouragement Doug and I ventured out and made some more new friends in the community that we were living in at the time. This was a very hard thing for me to do at the time, I was quite content in my bubble with Doug and our other 3 couple friends, but the Lord's voice was loud and very persistent. I am so glad that we followed his promptings because we met and became friends with some of the best people I know, and we were both surprised how easy it was for us to come out of our bubble. Again, the Lord was preparing us... but I will come back to that.

When the Lord moved us away from that community in 2006, it was hard, but it was so easy to slide into new friendships and meet new people. At that time I realized that was why the Lord was prompting us to get out of our bubble before so that our move would be easier on all of us. But I look back now and I know without a doubt that the Lord was preparing us for what we were going through now, for a variety of reasons. Because of all the great people that we have had the opportunity to get to know and love our support system is like a tree that overgrows the entire state. All we have to do is say, "help", and someone is there. We have so many loved ones out there, and it is all because of the Lord and him giving us that push 5 years ago. Without these people in our lives the past 3 months would have been so much harder to contend with emotionally. Not only that being able to learn how to open up and express ourselves has helped in so many ways when dealing with the multitude of medical professionals that we saw and still see on a day to day basis. All inhibitions and fears are gone, and I can thank only the Lord for that, he has prepared me quite well for this time.

It is no secret to those who know and love us that Dave and us had some trying high school years together, but also it is no secret that through his time in the Navy we were brought back together in a loving God filled way. It is through those that the Lord prepared all of us for this time. The Lord softened all of our hearts in the last few years to what really mattered and brought David and I closer, for the two of us did not know that we would be spending so much time together. As painful as some of those moments in the past most of been for the Lord to watch, he knew that this time would be worth it, and I get on my knees everyday and thank him for not giving up on us, and filling my heart with the perseverance that only a mother should have.

The Lord prepared me greatly last fall without me even knowing it when I had to undergo a slight surgery that kept me off my "feet" for almost 12 weeks. I was going stir crazy at home, missed my job, my friends, and my normal life in general. Wouldn't you know it, I was back to my "normal" life for only 2 weeks when all of this happened. I knew right then and there that the Lord was teaching me something those past 12 weeks and was preparing me for the long days of sitting and waiting ahead.

John and Claire have been prepared in such a way that I have been back to work for that past two years so they have gotten used to mom not really being an "active" part of their daily life, except after school and in the evenings. I thank the Lord for that, because if not for that I honestly believe this transition would have been so much harder on them. They have had two years to adjust to me being a "working" mom and have had time to really learn how to love their school, teachers, and classmates.

Lord, I praise you for your works and how they are done through us and most of the time without us ever knowing it. You are masterful and I love you. I know that if I thought hard enough about it I could piece together more times that you have begun preparing us for this remarkable journey. I thank you for your word and the fact that we can openly read the Bible and treasure what it says. I love you dear Lord and I know that even though I do not the plans you have for me, you know the plans and I have great assurance in that.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some pictures of the Weekend

See the posting below for explanation of these pictures!

April 12th, 2009

He has Risen!! Amen!! I am so thankful for our precious Lord and Savior this morning, it is because of him that our child is alive today, I sat in church today during the last song with tears just running down my face as the pastor said the closing prayer. How precious life is and how wonderful a thing that Jesus gave up his life for me, a sinner. I was lucky enough to be standing beside my whole entire family today on Easter Sunday, something just a month ago I did not think would be possible, praise the Lord for this miracle that he has provided us with. Not only were we all together in church this morning, but we were also standing next to some new precious friends that we have made here in this community, Chris and Sarah Ferraro, they invited us to church with them this morning so that we would have a familiar face to sit next to. Not only that they have provided us with emotional, spiritual, and not to mention physical (she was one of Dave's nurses) support these past months, but they have turned into great friends to all of us. I am so thankful that the Lord brought these special people into our lives, I know without a doubt we were supposed to meet them and be life long friends.

Yesterday was also a great day, we all went to lunch at this great little Mexican food place that John spied and picked out, there was no one in there and we got the place to ourselves to be silly, Dave took off his mask and we had yummy food and good family time. Then we drove to the center of the Stanford Campus and checked out the gorgeous chapel that everyone always talks about, it was so worth it. What a beautiful sight, we got out and walked all around and spent over two hours there just walking around, being really silly with the kids, and then eventually winding up at the big Stanford book store. We then hung out at the book store for quite some time, all of our favorite past time, before heading back the the "homtel". The guys decided to rest while Claire and I took off to see the "Hannah Montana Movie", it was a great girl bonding time and I really loved spending the afternoon with her. Afterwards she and I went to Target to pick a couple of things up and then ran and picked up the pies for today's dinner. It was a great day, and I was smiling all night long.

As I sit here and think about the last two days, I am reminded yet again at just how close we came to losing our precious son. Actually, I was reminded of it last night before bed and I just had this overwhelming need to hug him and tell him how much I loved him, which I did. But as I laid awake last night and sit here today, I think about what an awesome God we have that he has the ability to perform miracles such as the one that occured in our family. David only had about a week left with us when we got his heart, I am strong enough to say that now, it has been hard for me to admit that, but he was very sick and I was very scared. But somehow I just knew that the Lord's work would be done whether it would be through healing or salvation I knew that the power was out of our hands. I had come to peace with the fact that he might be going home and I was not "ok" with that but I had peace that if that is what our Father wanted then that would be ok, eventually. But that is not what happened, proving to me that David still has great works to be done here on Earth. The Lord did not have him go through this very trying journey for nothing, there will be a very powerful meaning behind all of this, we just don't know what it is yet.

The pastor summed it up great this morning in his sermon and it hit home with me, Jesus is saving the best for last with David, and I am anxious to see what it is and be a part of it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10th, 2009

BIG PRAYER REQUEST HERE!! As most of you may have heard by now, David's ship, the USS Boxer, has been deployed to help the pirate problem that is happening near Africa. Please pray for that situation and the sailors on board. Thanks!

Test results are in! I love it when Bonnie calls me.... she is a breath of fresh air... even if she had bad news to tell us I think she could do it in a way that would make people feel ok, she is just a genuine person! So today she told us he was back at a 1r rejection status, again nothing to really worry about but it isn't a zero status which is what I was hoping for! But hey at least it hasn't gotten to much worse! His Ejection Fraction has gone down to 60% which is by no means bad, but we do have to watch it and make sure that it doesn't keep dropping since it was at 68% on Monday. That would be the only concerning thing if it kept on lowering each time, but for now it is still at a good percentage. We changed a couple of meds, but for the most part all looks well!!

I took advantage of the 4 hours that I had to myself today while he was doing his infusion and did a little shopping. My niece's birthday is coming up this next week and I had so much fun shopping for her, she will be 3 and that is still such a fun age to get things for ! Doug and the kids are arriving in the morning and I can't wait, Dave is getting excited as well, it will be such a glorious Easter Sunday!

We got the approval today from the insurance to start physical and cardiac rehab, so that will start next Tuesday and will be twice a week! That will be so great for David, a scheduled thing and something that will help get him back in shape!! YAY!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9th, 2009

I am exhausted!! We had a long day at clinic today and so I am just beat! David came home and took a nap, but I am forcing myself to stay awake so I can get a good nights rest tonight. We have to go back tomorrow for his infusion day, so it will be another long day at the hospital. The doctors think all is looking really well, so that is great news! We will have test results and etc sometime tomorrow afternoon!

My brother Ricky is still here and the two are doing what they do best, computer gaming. So I grabbed a quick picture of the two of them tonight. You may notice that Dave has some serious swelling in his face, this is from the medicine he is on and over time will go away. Some of you have sent me emails being concerned about this, right now it is only in his face, so no worries!

We are anxiously awaiting the rest of the family on Saturday morning and it will be glorious to spend Easter together and to actually all go to church together. David has gotten over the fact that he will have to wear that mask all through the service and has told us he is going to go with us, YAY!! It will be hard for him to sit through the entire service with the big mask on so I ask for you to pray for him on that morning, that the Lord will give him some sort of comfort so that he can sit and appreciate and enjoy the service and the Lord that he loves so much.

Next weekend is David's 20th birthday and boy oh boy do we have a celebration planned! Family from all over are joining us as well as friends, we are so excited to share the beginning of a new year with our child and rejoice to God for giving us the gift of making it to his 20th birthday!! So I will be busy next week on our off clinic days preparing for that big celebration! Fun Stuff!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th, 2009

We have some great days over this way, I must say! Both of us are worn out from the company, but the change of pace has been very nice. Sondra left today, and I was sad to see her go! The visit was a great one and a very inspiring one, we haven't seen each other in quite a few years, and with this all happening with David it threw us together and gave us each time to realize that we needed to catch up and reconnect again, I personally am loving that. God, you are truly wonderful with the magic web that you weave for us in our lives, I am so glad you are providing us the direction and that we do not have to drive this road blindly.

My brother Rick drove up late last night and is planning on staying until Friday, so Dave is really happy about that as well. He loves hanging out with him and just chilling on the computer together. Also today we had a special visit from our new friend Sarah, she was one of our ICU nurses and we hit it off really well in the ICU, and our friendship has continued now that we are out of the hospital. I can truly see that we will be life long friends, and that again is something that I know the Lord had planned for each of us. We have all 3 really connected in a special way, and she has been great for Dave and I. She and I have really bonded and have become very close, and I am loving that. So she stayed and visited with us for most of the afternoon today, which was wonderful.

Dave is feeling really good, a little tired because of late night computer games (snicker) but overall really well. He is taking ALL of his meds PRAISE GOD, and behaving like a good little boy! I am really proud of him and all that he has accomplished in such a short time, what an example and motivation he has been for so many people, including myself. Tomorrow is our big clinic day, so we will be at the hospital all day long then on Friday he has to get an infusion done, so the next couple of days will be busy ones.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th, 2009

So this has been a somewhat busy week for us! That is why I have been behind on my blog posting! I had to drive all over the state of California on Sunday delivering kids and then go back to Stanford so that was a long day, then yesterday we had clinic for most of the day so we were busy there, and then in the late afternoon our good friend Sondra Keckley drove up from Bakersfield to visit for a couple of days. So that has been wonderful! Dave has enjoyed someone to distract me, that is for sure! HAHA She and I have been scrap booking up a storm and I feel like I am finally doing something worthwhile for a change and it has been keeping me busy! She and I haven't caught up with each other in years so that has been fantastic to sit and do that as well. Dave has been up and around more as well with her, so that has been nice too!

Yesterday at the clinic visit they tested his thyroid because of his constant tiredness and his night sweats and it did come back a little bit low, so they are talking amongst themselves how they want to handle that. His Ejection Fraction was up to 68% which is awesome! Each appt it keeps rising and rising, PRAISE GOD! His magnesium levels were a little bit low so they added some more of that on board, but other then that all looked really good!

We also talked to the dietitian about his diet and he was relieved to hear that even though he has to be on a low sodium diet, he also has to eat a lot more calories then the normal person, so a low sodium diet for him isn't what we would call low sodium! He needs to be eating like 4000 calories a day because of his age and the fact that he lost close to 40 pounds before the surgery, so with that he can have almost 3000 grams of sodium a day. So he was happy to hear that he doesn't need to be really depriving himself.

Also, we want to thank his ship mates aboard the USS BOXER. They sent an INCREDIBLE gift to all of us, and it was much appreciated. They all know what they did but Doug and I just want to say thank you to all of them, it was a shock and a surprise, but something that will not be forgotten, so thank you for your consideration, compassion, and kindness. Dave was incredibly lucky to work beside people such as yourselves.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th, 2009

Apparently all is going well over at the "homtel" with Doug and David, I only talked to them once today and at that time they were ready to get out and about which was good. Doug told me that Dave has really lost a lot of that fluid and that his feet are almost totally back to normal which is awesome. He has lost almost 10 pounds of fluid in the last week which is a really good thing, we think!! They did add another water pill on top of the Lasix on Monday so we think that did the trick, hopefully that will make it less painful for him to walk around and move around now that all that excess fluid is off.

This weekend has been wonderful for me, I haven't really relaxed much, but the change of scenery has been really wonderful. Yesterday I spend the entire day at John and Claire's school for their Easter Parties, and that was really great, check out our family website for pictures of that event. They loved having me there and I loved being there. While being there I got to catch up with my friends and colleagues and that was really good for me as well. The kids and I went out to dinner last night and just chilled at home the rest of the evening with a video, it was very nice. Today we ran a couple of errands and then had some friends over for dinner tonight and some really good conversation, it was wonderful and a great spirit boost for me right now.

I am driving the kids to Fresno tomorrow morning, where I will meet my mom and she will whisk them away to the Tehachapi mountains for Spring Break. The kids are looking forward to it, but I am a little sad, this is the first break that I will be without them. Lots of changes and new stuff this year, but it has been a growing experience for us and through it we are all learning something, each and every one of us.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Test Results......

Just got off the phone with Bonnie, our transplant nurse. Things look really good this week! He is at a 0 as in 0 in rejection status, so that is great news! He went from a 1 down to a 0, so that was pretty awesome and what we were hoping for. His Ejection Fraction is at 66% which means it keeps rising with each Echo that they do, and that is also great news! We don't have the results yet from the right heart cath, but we hope to have those on Monday when we go to clinic! So it was a positive day all around! I have talked to Dave several times and he sounds like he is doing much better mentally and I am glad about that. He is really tired today, but he had a huge day yesterday so I am not surprised!

Thanks for all the prayers! Keep them coming!!!

April 3rd, 2009

Today is like one of the best days ever, not just because it is Friday, but for several reasons, first off I know of 3 very cool people that were born today and all of them are very special to me! So here is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to:
Today is also special because 3 years ago today a very awesome young man that we just met and have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know received his heart transplant JOE MATTHEWS aka ENGLISH JOE. He was just a bit older then David when he had his transplant and his story is quite similar to Dave's, he had his done at Stanford as well and he has been such an inspiration to all of us. In the last couple of weeks he has really helped us with answers, support, and basically just saying "this is normal and you will get through this". Just an awesome guy- so congrats on 3 years out Joe! Looking forward to knowing you for the next 30 years out!! His website is for anyone who is interested in knowing more about his story.

And finally it is an awesome day because I am home with the rest of my babies for the weekend, I am going to the school this morning to be part of their Easter festivities in their classes and I am really looking forward to it. Linda, my stepmother, went up yesterday late afternoon to spend the night and all of today with Dave until Doug can get there. Which I know she was looking forward to because she has only seen David once since transplant because she was fighting off a slight cold. It will be a good weekend for all, and we are all looking forward to the change of pace and the kids are really looking forward to going to grandmas for a week on Sunday, especially when they found out it is supposed to snow there!!

Dave's appts went well yesterday, other then the fact that we waited in the biopsy area for over 4 hours. His appt was at noon, we waited until 3 before they called him back, and then they weren't done until after 5. Since we had been there since 8am it was a VERY long day for the both of us, for him because he is just not used to sitting and standing for that long and for me because I still had to drive back to Sacramento after all of that! We will have the test results from everything back today, and as soon as I get them I will post them on the blog. The doctors told him that in another 3 weeks or so he can get in the pool and swim and he was really excited about that because he would like to do that for exercise.

Bonnie, our fantastic and wonderful nurse, really got on him about the meds and mask wearing, so I think it finally sunk in to him. Everything else is just going to take time and for awhile I am just going to give him the space he needs and let him try and work things out on his own. I am going to maintain a positive attitude and plan stuff for us to do and encourage him, but he is his own self. He knows what he has to do with this second chance of life regarding his mind, medicines, and masks.... it is just up to him to do it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st, 2009

Hi everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the swift kicks that you all gave my boy about the medicine!! He did take it once last night and I am working on him today! He is generally such a positive upbeat young man, and for those of you who really know him you already know this and lately he is just soooo down in the dumps! We are going to have a serious talk with him tomorrow in clinic about this med so hopefully we can get it all settled.

Today we ran a few errands and returned the 48 hour holter monitor that he was wearing and I made him get his rear out of the car and walk around while I did the errands. We walked around the mall for a bit, grabbed some lunch, then went to the grocery store so he could pick out some food that he felt like eating. Really he has been very good with his diet, knowing what makes him feel good and what makes him feel icky.

He is laying down now since this mornings activities wore him out, but I am going to keep pushing him to keep that attitude in check! He can get there and he needs to make a choice, so I need prayers people lots and lots of prayers!! I will post tomorrow after our big clinic day and we see the docs and such.