Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7th, 2009

So this has been a somewhat busy week for us! That is why I have been behind on my blog posting! I had to drive all over the state of California on Sunday delivering kids and then go back to Stanford so that was a long day, then yesterday we had clinic for most of the day so we were busy there, and then in the late afternoon our good friend Sondra Keckley drove up from Bakersfield to visit for a couple of days. So that has been wonderful! Dave has enjoyed someone to distract me, that is for sure! HAHA She and I have been scrap booking up a storm and I feel like I am finally doing something worthwhile for a change and it has been keeping me busy! She and I haven't caught up with each other in years so that has been fantastic to sit and do that as well. Dave has been up and around more as well with her, so that has been nice too!

Yesterday at the clinic visit they tested his thyroid because of his constant tiredness and his night sweats and it did come back a little bit low, so they are talking amongst themselves how they want to handle that. His Ejection Fraction was up to 68% which is awesome! Each appt it keeps rising and rising, PRAISE GOD! His magnesium levels were a little bit low so they added some more of that on board, but other then that all looked really good!

We also talked to the dietitian about his diet and he was relieved to hear that even though he has to be on a low sodium diet, he also has to eat a lot more calories then the normal person, so a low sodium diet for him isn't what we would call low sodium! He needs to be eating like 4000 calories a day because of his age and the fact that he lost close to 40 pounds before the surgery, so with that he can have almost 3000 grams of sodium a day. So he was happy to hear that he doesn't need to be really depriving himself.

Also, we want to thank his ship mates aboard the USS BOXER. They sent an INCREDIBLE gift to all of us, and it was much appreciated. They all know what they did but Doug and I just want to say thank you to all of them, it was a shock and a surprise, but something that will not be forgotten, so thank you for your consideration, compassion, and kindness. Dave was incredibly lucky to work beside people such as yourselves.

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  1. Hey Guys = )

    Glad to hear all is rising! Hope you really enjoyed your well deserved break Bronwyn ; )

    All the stuff you have mentioned about the doses of medication has brought back some memories lol... I was on a higher level of Cellcept compared to everybody else I was speaking to and I remember the docs having to play around with my magnesium levels as well. Being fit and healthy like David before the transplant I guess had to make the Stanford guys work a little harder to get the correct dose for all the meds I had to take too. It won't be that way forever though. In three years I've gone from taking about twenty different types of medication to five including the baby aspirin etc...

    When would be a good time for you to log on to Skype? I'm now off to bed but can work around you if you wish?
    Let me know...

    Keep up the good work Dave! Just keep thinking about the positives in everything! = )