Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9th, 2009

I am exhausted!! We had a long day at clinic today and so I am just beat! David came home and took a nap, but I am forcing myself to stay awake so I can get a good nights rest tonight. We have to go back tomorrow for his infusion day, so it will be another long day at the hospital. The doctors think all is looking really well, so that is great news! We will have test results and etc sometime tomorrow afternoon!

My brother Ricky is still here and the two are doing what they do best, computer gaming. So I grabbed a quick picture of the two of them tonight. You may notice that Dave has some serious swelling in his face, this is from the medicine he is on and over time will go away. Some of you have sent me emails being concerned about this, right now it is only in his face, so no worries!

We are anxiously awaiting the rest of the family on Saturday morning and it will be glorious to spend Easter together and to actually all go to church together. David has gotten over the fact that he will have to wear that mask all through the service and has told us he is going to go with us, YAY!! It will be hard for him to sit through the entire service with the big mask on so I ask for you to pray for him on that morning, that the Lord will give him some sort of comfort so that he can sit and appreciate and enjoy the service and the Lord that he loves so much.

Next weekend is David's 20th birthday and boy oh boy do we have a celebration planned! Family from all over are joining us as well as friends, we are so excited to share the beginning of a new year with our child and rejoice to God for giving us the gift of making it to his 20th birthday!! So I will be busy next week on our off clinic days preparing for that big celebration! Fun Stuff!

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