Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th, 2009

We have had a quite busy week when I sit and think about it today, something has been going on everyday, and even though David has been a stinker, even he has to admit it makes the time go faster! Monday was as usual clinic day, and this time we drug dad and his siblings along with us. It was nice because Doug got to meet the doctors and nurses which was good because they are now what I refer to as our, extended family. The nurses also wanted to meet John and Claire, so that was nice as well. Then after all the clinic time and tests we grabbed lunch and the rest of the family went home... big sigh here. Yesterday David started his physical and cardiac rehab program at a hospital down the road a bit in a town called Redwood City. So we drove there yesterday morning and were there for a couple of hours, afterwards we went to Best Buy so he could spend a gift card he had and then came home. Then again he had rehab at the same place, and this will be his schedule from now on, physical and cardiac rehab every Tues and Wends in Redwood City. So something else to break up the week.

Bonnie called with the test results yesterday and everything looks pretty good, his E/F went up to 61% so at least it went up and not down. However his magnesium levels are still dropping so he is now on 12 magnesium pills a day, so she is looking into why that is going on. Another thing that they are looking into is the last couple of chest xrays have shown a density spot, and they aren't sure what it is. She didn't say much more then that other then they have been keeping an eye on it and since it hasn't gone away they now want him to have a Chest CT Scan done, so we are doing that at 7pm tonight. Bummer thing about that is nothing but fluids after 4:30 tonight, so prayers in that regard please!

Tomorrow is an all day clinic day with biopsy and he is seeing the therapist for the first time. He is being a stinker about all of his appts and really sees no point in going to any of them, thinks they are all a waste of time. So please pray for him to have a change of heart and to soften a little bit and to be able to open up tomorrow when it is just him and the therapist. It will be a long day tomorrow for him so Friday we are just resting because Saturday is the big birthday party! YEAH! He is really looking forward to that and all of the family and friends that are coming in for that.

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  1. You're doing a great job there honey, keep up the good work! David appreciates it now and will appreciate it even more as the years go on... Doug.