Friday, April 3, 2009

Test Results......

Just got off the phone with Bonnie, our transplant nurse. Things look really good this week! He is at a 0 as in 0 in rejection status, so that is great news! He went from a 1 down to a 0, so that was pretty awesome and what we were hoping for. His Ejection Fraction is at 66% which means it keeps rising with each Echo that they do, and that is also great news! We don't have the results yet from the right heart cath, but we hope to have those on Monday when we go to clinic! So it was a positive day all around! I have talked to Dave several times and he sounds like he is doing much better mentally and I am glad about that. He is really tired today, but he had a huge day yesterday so I am not surprised!

Thanks for all the prayers! Keep them coming!!!

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  1. Bravo Zulu, sailor! Bless you bunches and bless you more with prayers! x0x0 mom stew...just another nor cal Navy Mom