Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise Birthday Gift For David

I am putting together a surprise memory DVD for David's 20th birthday this weekend. On this DVD I am including video clips from people all around that are wishing him a happy birthday or a special wish, most of these clips are coming to me via email. If anyone out there would like to participate in this please feel free to email me the video clips to my email address: thanks! P.S I told Dave he was not allowed to check the blog until after his bday:) HAHA Also if you are near me I can come to you with my video camera and catch you on it, but let me know ASAP as I plan to finish it up Friday afternoon.


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  1. i am a little bit (ok a lot a bit) inept at the whole computer thing or else I would have tried to send a bday video, but this comment will have to suffice. I am sure that if I attempted the video it wouldn't have reached in time. : ) David- we all hope that you had an excellent birthday. We continue to pray for you daily! we all love you lots and are glad that you came into our lives! love the rambeaus