Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10th, 2009

BIG PRAYER REQUEST HERE!! As most of you may have heard by now, David's ship, the USS Boxer, has been deployed to help the pirate problem that is happening near Africa. Please pray for that situation and the sailors on board. Thanks!

Test results are in! I love it when Bonnie calls me.... she is a breath of fresh air... even if she had bad news to tell us I think she could do it in a way that would make people feel ok, she is just a genuine person! So today she told us he was back at a 1r rejection status, again nothing to really worry about but it isn't a zero status which is what I was hoping for! But hey at least it hasn't gotten to much worse! His Ejection Fraction has gone down to 60% which is by no means bad, but we do have to watch it and make sure that it doesn't keep dropping since it was at 68% on Monday. That would be the only concerning thing if it kept on lowering each time, but for now it is still at a good percentage. We changed a couple of meds, but for the most part all looks well!!

I took advantage of the 4 hours that I had to myself today while he was doing his infusion and did a little shopping. My niece's birthday is coming up this next week and I had so much fun shopping for her, she will be 3 and that is still such a fun age to get things for ! Doug and the kids are arriving in the morning and I can't wait, Dave is getting excited as well, it will be such a glorious Easter Sunday!

We got the approval today from the insurance to start physical and cardiac rehab, so that will start next Tuesday and will be twice a week! That will be so great for David, a scheduled thing and something that will help get him back in shape!! YAY!

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