Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12th, 2009

He has Risen!! Amen!! I am so thankful for our precious Lord and Savior this morning, it is because of him that our child is alive today, I sat in church today during the last song with tears just running down my face as the pastor said the closing prayer. How precious life is and how wonderful a thing that Jesus gave up his life for me, a sinner. I was lucky enough to be standing beside my whole entire family today on Easter Sunday, something just a month ago I did not think would be possible, praise the Lord for this miracle that he has provided us with. Not only were we all together in church this morning, but we were also standing next to some new precious friends that we have made here in this community, Chris and Sarah Ferraro, they invited us to church with them this morning so that we would have a familiar face to sit next to. Not only that they have provided us with emotional, spiritual, and not to mention physical (she was one of Dave's nurses) support these past months, but they have turned into great friends to all of us. I am so thankful that the Lord brought these special people into our lives, I know without a doubt we were supposed to meet them and be life long friends.

Yesterday was also a great day, we all went to lunch at this great little Mexican food place that John spied and picked out, there was no one in there and we got the place to ourselves to be silly, Dave took off his mask and we had yummy food and good family time. Then we drove to the center of the Stanford Campus and checked out the gorgeous chapel that everyone always talks about, it was so worth it. What a beautiful sight, we got out and walked all around and spent over two hours there just walking around, being really silly with the kids, and then eventually winding up at the big Stanford book store. We then hung out at the book store for quite some time, all of our favorite past time, before heading back the the "homtel". The guys decided to rest while Claire and I took off to see the "Hannah Montana Movie", it was a great girl bonding time and I really loved spending the afternoon with her. Afterwards she and I went to Target to pick a couple of things up and then ran and picked up the pies for today's dinner. It was a great day, and I was smiling all night long.

As I sit here and think about the last two days, I am reminded yet again at just how close we came to losing our precious son. Actually, I was reminded of it last night before bed and I just had this overwhelming need to hug him and tell him how much I loved him, which I did. But as I laid awake last night and sit here today, I think about what an awesome God we have that he has the ability to perform miracles such as the one that occured in our family. David only had about a week left with us when we got his heart, I am strong enough to say that now, it has been hard for me to admit that, but he was very sick and I was very scared. But somehow I just knew that the Lord's work would be done whether it would be through healing or salvation I knew that the power was out of our hands. I had come to peace with the fact that he might be going home and I was not "ok" with that but I had peace that if that is what our Father wanted then that would be ok, eventually. But that is not what happened, proving to me that David still has great works to be done here on Earth. The Lord did not have him go through this very trying journey for nothing, there will be a very powerful meaning behind all of this, we just don't know what it is yet.

The pastor summed it up great this morning in his sermon and it hit home with me, Jesus is saving the best for last with David, and I am anxious to see what it is and be a part of it.


  1. .... As I said before and I am sure many others out there agree with me; David's journey has already had a profoud effect on me. Not only have I been reminded of the importance of nurturing my relationship with the Lord but of the necessity of cherishing every moment with my children and loved ones.

    I thank the Lord for His lessons, and again, while I am sorry that David has had to go through all that he has, I for one know that great good has and will continue to come from these experiences.

    Bless you and your entire family David!
    Your courage and love and that of your mom (your entire family for that matter) have taught us all a great deal.

    Thank you

  2. David... you don't know me, but I sure as heck know you! Well done! You are awesome, and so is your family!