Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th, 2009

Apparently all is going well over at the "homtel" with Doug and David, I only talked to them once today and at that time they were ready to get out and about which was good. Doug told me that Dave has really lost a lot of that fluid and that his feet are almost totally back to normal which is awesome. He has lost almost 10 pounds of fluid in the last week which is a really good thing, we think!! They did add another water pill on top of the Lasix on Monday so we think that did the trick, hopefully that will make it less painful for him to walk around and move around now that all that excess fluid is off.

This weekend has been wonderful for me, I haven't really relaxed much, but the change of scenery has been really wonderful. Yesterday I spend the entire day at John and Claire's school for their Easter Parties, and that was really great, check out our family website for pictures of that event. They loved having me there and I loved being there. While being there I got to catch up with my friends and colleagues and that was really good for me as well. The kids and I went out to dinner last night and just chilled at home the rest of the evening with a video, it was very nice. Today we ran a couple of errands and then had some friends over for dinner tonight and some really good conversation, it was wonderful and a great spirit boost for me right now.

I am driving the kids to Fresno tomorrow morning, where I will meet my mom and she will whisk them away to the Tehachapi mountains for Spring Break. The kids are looking forward to it, but I am a little sad, this is the first break that I will be without them. Lots of changes and new stuff this year, but it has been a growing experience for us and through it we are all learning something, each and every one of us.

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