Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16th, 2009

Busy day today.... man oh man.... Dave just went to bed at 7pm because he was beat from the day! First things first, the CT Scan of his chest came back just fine, there was a bit of fluid around his lungs but nothing that is totally abnormal after a surgery such as his, so we are just watching it. We had the regular clinic visit, xrays, echo, and biopsy drill, but got good news that from now on we only have to go to clinic once a week and biopsys will be every other week! This was excellent news for all of us! So his mood was better today and we ordered pizza to celebrate. He also started talk therapy today, and that really helped as well, I can already see the difference. It was a really great day, I am so blessed to me the mama of this young man. I once again today just wanted to squeeze him over and over and tell him what a blessing he is in my life.

Tomorrow will be a busy day getting ready for out of town guests and getting ready for the big birthday celebration! We were both talking today and we are both looking forward to it, yesterday he was all Mr. Grouch about it, but today he said he was looking forward to it. I am a happy mommy tonight and we have agreed that tomorrow we are going to SLEEP IN! :) We have had to get up early every day this week, so that will be our reward! And then tomorrow night Doug and the kids arrive! As well as our good friends the Whites and my Aunt and Uncle! OOOHHH I can't wait! God has been so good to us!!


  1. That is such great news, Dave! Really makes you feel like you are making progress I am sure.
    Love, Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Happy Birthday Dave!!!

  3. Have a Great 20th Birthday Dave! We are all so thankful for you and know the Lord has awesome plans for your life. God Bless and Keep you.

  4. Happy Birthday Dave. =) I've been following since the beginning and it makes me really happy to be able to say that.