Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st, 2009

Hi everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the swift kicks that you all gave my boy about the medicine!! He did take it once last night and I am working on him today! He is generally such a positive upbeat young man, and for those of you who really know him you already know this and lately he is just soooo down in the dumps! We are going to have a serious talk with him tomorrow in clinic about this med so hopefully we can get it all settled.

Today we ran a few errands and returned the 48 hour holter monitor that he was wearing and I made him get his rear out of the car and walk around while I did the errands. We walked around the mall for a bit, grabbed some lunch, then went to the grocery store so he could pick out some food that he felt like eating. Really he has been very good with his diet, knowing what makes him feel good and what makes him feel icky.

He is laying down now since this mornings activities wore him out, but I am going to keep pushing him to keep that attitude in check! He can get there and he needs to make a choice, so I need prayers people lots and lots of prayers!! I will post tomorrow after our big clinic day and we see the docs and such.


  1. Come on David. Take the meds. You've been through wayyy worse than a little nasty tasting medicine.

    You KNOW that the Lord has provided you with a wonderful gift. Do you really think that He did that only to have you abuse it?

    Try putting yourself in your donor's family's place. They lost a family member and generously donated their loved one's heart so that you might live. Don't you think it is your duty to take every precaution to protect that wonderful gift? I will continue to beseech our Lord to provide you with the guidance and strength you need to continue on your journey. God bless

  2. Courage sailor. You can do this, David. We all believe in you and your lion's heart! All of Calvary Bible Church is praying for you 24/7. Remember your commitment to excellence, David. You know you can do this.

    Blessings from another Navy Mom at CBC