Friday, February 27, 2009

Pet Therapy Pictures

Thank you to whoever posted the instructions on how to get my pics off my phone! I have an adapter at home that Doug was going to bring to me, but once I read the comment I actually figured it out!! Isn't this dog so cute!! And Dave actually looked happy for a few minutes that was the best part!


  1. Oh david im so happy for you... that dog is sooo much better than the imaginary cat :)... hope she gets to stop by and see you again.. you look happy with her visiting... now get some rest and a good rest of the day :)

  2. How could you not smile at that? Are you sure that thing's a dog? Jim has a yapper dog that can come live with David!

  3. It is great to see that picture....after Dave has the surgery (we know it will happen soon!) and recovering, we can envision him with a cute pooch like this one to walk with.