Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27th, 2009

Much better day today! He was in such better spirits over all, I was so glad to see that when I came in this morning. He only took one nap all day long and he went on 3 walks today and got outside in the wheelchair once as well. On the wheel chair excursion we took him out to the gardens and also to listen to a beautiful violin quartet that was playing in the atrium today. He was pretty impressed with both items. He said he was impressed with the music because the musicians were only about junior high age and they were awesome and he loved the way the gardens smelled when we walked out there. I am sure he will sleep well tonight, since he didn't nap much during the day and he had a big day overall. When I left he was almost his old self, giving me a hard time and sitting up watching TV. I even made him check his email today while sitting up in a chair (I was really trying to distract him while he was in the chair because he had to sit in the chair for at least 30 min and he was whining about it).

The doctors came in today and gave him a goal of Wednesday to be moved out of the ICU, they know he can do it and so we have to push him to make that goal. He has to get up and get moving around so that the blood flow starts moving so that the heart doesn't get sluggish, I think he got that today. So I told him tomorrow we will get up 4 times and walk, Sunday 6 times, Monday 8 times, and Tuesday 10 times. It is good to have goals, it is what makes us feel accomplished in life!

Julie, our treasured head nurse, suggested that we bring the little kids up this weekend to help cheer him up. So Doug is on his way here with them right now, we will have a family weekend together. He told me he was excited to see them and Julie arranged a way for the kids to be able to visit with him off and on throughout the weekend. She really thought it would be good for him and so did the social worker. It is hard to be in the hospital and away from your family unit, so this will help us all be together this weekend even if it is just for a little bit at a time. So they should be here any minute. I am looking forward to seeing them all. I miss the little ones so very much and all that they are doing, but I really miss my husband. He is my very best friend and he is such a good daddy. He and I really don't do well apart, we never have, so this is really been hard on us. Out of everyone in the world he is the one person I rely on the most and vice versa, I don't know what I would do without him, he is the ultimate person, my best friend, confidante, lover, companion, and more. I can't wait to see him.


  1. Praise God! Yes, goals are awesome! Get that blood flowing David! (He needs to be able to "do" something to help himself get better. It is so frustrating to not have control over your body, but if there is something physical you can do to make a difference it helps to alleviate that frustration!)
    TV can be a good distraction too. Since he has access to a computer, he could listen to music on KLOVE at too. All he has to do is click on "listen online", pick the appropriate player and he is set! The music they play always lifts my day; perhaps it can do the same for David! If he is into a little more contemporary Christian music (like my kids) they have a sister station called "Air1" at that he can listen to as well!
    Glad to hear that you will have a family weekend together, also a MAJOR spirit boost!

    Thank you Lord for being the awesome, loving, caring God that you are. Thank you that you NEVER leave us nor forsake us and that you are always there for us, always know what we are thinking, feeling and needing! Thank you for your provision and meeting each and every one of our needs, even if sometimes we don't even know what it is that we need! We love you and promise to give You the honor and the glory for all the amazing things that you do.

  2. I like the prior comment on this post, with the suggestion of on-line Christian radio streaming. KDUV fm is the only radio station I ever listen to, and it has a great site at with a live feed. As their slogan says, "the message is in the music". It is so helpful to keep focused on God, while listening to this radio station.

    I am praying that David meets his goals and I hope to hear that he has moved out of ICU on Wednesday!