Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a little "Shout Out"

I have to take a minute and say a public thank you to some incredible women that have done so much for my family and I these past few weeks, I literally could not be handling any of this without them.

Apryl and Angelia, thank you so much for making sure my kids get to school and back every day, it makes me feel so at ease that my kids are so comfortable with you and that the regular routine has not been interrupted too much, just that is a comfort to me. Sandi, thank you for arranging meals for Doug and the kids while I am gone during the week and then on the weekend it is such a relief not to have to come home and cook all weekend, you have no idea how much I have really appreciated that. Traci, thank you for always being there for me at a moments notice, whether it be something to do with the kids, taking Claire to dance, or just listening to me yell and cry, you are a great comfort to me. Heidi, for just always being there no matter what, the endless text messages and emails that keep me going mean more to me then you know. Heather, for making me laugh when I don't think I could laugh at anything, for stepping up in any way you can think of just to make my life easier.

Without you 6 women I would be so much more stressed out wondering how things are being handled at home. You all have done so much, everything from taking the kids to school, to bringing food to my house, letting me cry endlessly, or even simple things like waving at my kids during the awards ceremony that I missed and taking pictures so that I could still be part of the moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are my girls, and I am so proud to call you friends.

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