Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10th, 2009

We have had visitors today!! Donna Murren came up today with Gabby and Jimmy, and it has really brightened Davids day. They drove the 6+ hours from Tehachapi just to see him and will go back home tonight. He has liked catching up with them and has been laughing and in good spirits. Then as an added bonus his friend Tim, who goes to school in San Jose also dropped by. As if that wasn't enough his Grandpa Fred dropped in for a surprise visit. WHEW!!! What a break in the "same old day" it has been! Thanks you guys!!

He has had a couple more episodes of the VT AC today, nothing too serious, but enough were he is feeling it. They are just keeping an eye on him and they changed his meds around a bit to see if that will help it even out a bit.

The surgeons came in today and told us that they have had several offers of hearts for David, but they just haven't liked the ones they have seen, they are searching for just the right one. We are good with that because we know it is not them that will choose the heart, but the Lord. One of the doctors told us yesterday that he did not suspect that it would be a long wait, since the offers have been coming in pretty regularly for him.

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  1. David, it's good to see a picture of you with that familiar smile that comes out with the camera. I know you know how much I wish I could be visiting you in person...someday soon I hope, but the phone is what's reality now. Bronwyn, you are just so beautiful and I look forward to being able to meet you in person. Blessings to all and know that you are so loved!!! In His Name, Michelle