Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8th, 2009

Just spoke to Doug and he is on his way home, Dave had a pretty low key day today. Not much happening and such. I like it when it is days like that! Last night he had a scary situation, his heart went into VTAC, it raced to 180 in seconds and scared the nurses and doctor for a minute. They got it back under control and regualted some of his meds a little bit and they are just keeping an eye on that. Glad it was Doug and not me when that happened!!

I have had a great weekend with my kids, we ran some errands yesterday, saw my dad and family for a bit, got caught up on my TV shows, and spent this afternoon with Traci and Heidi getting caught up on gossip and hanging out with two of my nearest and dearest. It has been a great weekend for me and I am feeling much better and feel like I can actually take on the week to come. Next weekend Doug and the kids will go to Stanford and we will spend the weekend together since it is a 3 day weekend with them all.

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