Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4th, 2009

Dave has really felt good today, AMEN! Because he is feeling ok they held off on putting the Central Line in today. He was happy about this, and even more so when the surgeons came in and told him that he is still at the top of the list due to the amount of medicine he is required to be on. So other then that we have had a pretty low key day. I am glad he is feeling better because he got an enormous amount of phone calls today as well as a few unexpected visitors. Right now he is shaving while I type this and then the nurse is going to come in and help him walk a little bit so they can see how his heart does. Plus he is starting to get some really bad soreness throughout his body and they really want to start building up his body strength before he gets a " revin new engine", I am quoting the doctor there!

I am truly enjoying these days at his "bedside" we talk about the most obscure things, make fun of the nurses, and really connect in a way we have never done before. God truly has a plan through all of this and it delights me to be a part of it.

In other news I had to say goodbye to that fantastic bed today! The Navy okayed our orders for a travel claim and I move into my new quarters tonight. I will now be a long term resident at the Residence Inn right down the road, it will be nice to be closer and all of that, but I am going to really miss Aunt Rose and Uncle Robert, and of course that wonderful bed!!


  1. Am so glad David had a good day today!! And even better that he had a chance to get up and stretch those long legs of his....that had to feel good to just get out of the bed a little while. You are all constantly in our thoughts and most especially our prayers! We love you all, Aunt Wendy

  2. We are glad to hear David had a better day today! Getting out of bed has got to feel good too. I will call again in a couple days to say Hi. Give Dave big hugs from us!
    Annette, Grant, Kyle and Kaelyn

  3. Praise God! So, glad to hear he had a great day. Tell him we love him and I am sending him the biggest hug ever......okay, it's on it's way....get ready to catch it.....
    XOX Michelle
    PS Bronwyn, I have imagined sleeping in that bed you described....I've been in one like it...ohhhhh so nice. I am sorry you had to bid it farewell.

  4. I so glad to hear you had a good day, thoughts and prayers to you all as you make it through this journey... hugs...
    cassie and all the people in CT... *a friend of your grandpa bill :)

  5. Thank you both for blessing my day! You were so encouraging. How wonderful it was to talk about our awesome God and rejoice in the moment he has us in. I can't wait to see that mischievious grin! I guess the long board will have to wait. You are in our prayers. We love you!

  6. Great News! This is your cousin Liz. I am thrilled that you are improving and get up and around. We are following the blog daily as alot of others are also. I thank the Lord that when I was faced with my beloved husband Adams passing, that I donated his organs so that others could live a longer and healthier life. I felt a wonderful peace with my decision and I know that others faced with this decision feel the same also. God has his hands on all of this. Hopefully you will be blessed ASAP so you all can go home and enjoy what life has to offer you. Lots of prayers from all of us. Take Care...Liz, Lianna and Paul

  7. Talked with DAve last evening and he sounded good.Glad that they put off the insertion of the catheter into his heart.As always our love and prayers to him.We hold him in our hearts and our prayers constantly.Love to you all.
    Grandma and Grandps P.