Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MAIL MAN !!! Oh my goodness.....

We were sitting here today enjoying our salads for lunch when the mail room guy pops his head in with this HUGE and I mean HUGE stack of mail. Both us where like, really all that mail is for him??? He received 13 cards and 4 packages!! It took him over and hour to get through all the mail, and he loved it!! We hang up every single card he gets in his room, and it is getting very decorated! Keep them coming!!

Whitney and Aliza thank you so much for sending all of the cards from the Kindergartners! They were great and they made him and I smile!! Since I am a future Kindergarten teacher, I really appreciated them!! Dave thought they were so adorable and loved every one of them, we are hanging them ALL up on the wall!!

Aunt Susan, he really enjoyed the package you sent and is busy digging into the SUDOKU hand held game as I type this. He also hasn't seen 2 of the movies you sent so he is excited about those and the computer game!

Someone sent him something from Barnes and Noble, but the UPS man had trouble delivering it, but I talked to them and they are going to deliver it tomorrow! THANK YOU!!!

Much love to everyone, this was a great way to start the day!!

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