Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Address and Contact Information

I have been asked by many that we put the address and phone # on the side bar of the blog so that it is easier to find then having to scroll through all of the posts, so I just did that. Also yesterday I changed the comment requirements so that any and all can post a comment without having to set up a google account. I see that some have already accessed that feature, and I am sooo glad!!

XOXO to you all!


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am am Navy mom and a nurse. I used to work in surgery and help with heart transplants, I have seen both sides the donor and recipient. It was definatly better when we were giving someone a new heart, it is such a wonderful gift of life. I hope David receives his gift soon. Take care Julie

  2. My son Todd is on the Boxer. My prayers are with David, you, and your family. You have many thoughts and prayers from the Ohio Navy Moms group. Cindi

  3. We love you, David and are being faithful to keep you in prayer. Your family in Bear Valley misses you!