Friday, February 13, 2009

Not good news.... Pump it is

Ok, the surgeons and doctors just came in and told us that they aren't liking the numbers that they are seeing with the help of the central line, in other words David is quickly fading. So they went ahead and scheduled him to have the pump inserted tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. We are not happy about this at all, I myself am trying really hard not to get angry at this point. The surgery to insert this pump will take about 4 to 5 hours and then he will be in the ICU for up to 2 weeks. During that time he will be taken OFF of the transplant list so that he can recover. After he has recovered they will put him back on the list at the highest status for a month, if after a month we still don't have a transplant he will have to be bumped to the 2nd or 3rd lowest status and we will have to leave the hospital, but we won't be able to leave the area. We will have to continue to live near Stanford to wait for the heart.

I am now praying for a miracle in the next 24 hours, we need a heart before tomorrow at 2pm. I have been on my knees in the chapel begging with the Lord that his will be done. Please do the same.

A side note, he will only be allowed visitors in the ICU for 30 min every even hour, 2 at a time. Please take note of that if you are planning a visit.


  1. David - you have no idea who I am, but I am John's teacher (one of them) at Oak View. I have been following your blog and your journey down this difficult road. Please know that I am praying for you and your entire family through this trying time. I know that John loves you and is concerned for you - as we all are. God bless!

  2. I'm praying so hard for David.

  3. Hi David, Doug, and Bronwyn, we are praying for you all in these horribly difficult times, we pray that you get the heart that you need, that you are at least comfortable and that you have the strength to carry you through this which I think you do, as you have shown us all that so far in this ordeal.
    We love you al very much and very much in our minds and in our hearts.
    We will prayer for you. love Aliza, Rogelio and the boys.

  4. You have so many people praying for you, thinking about you all and following your story. Your posts are truly an inspiration to others and even though you probably don't feel very strong right know your strength, faith and hope truly shine through.

    Let's all hope for a miracle tonight!

    Alane (Doug's cousin), Scott, Jake, Tyler & Ryan

  5. bronwyn,
    my name is Alyssa Severin. When David came to youth group at Calvary Bible Chuch a couple years ago, him, myself, and my brother Jeremy all became pretty good friends. My parents and I still attend calvary, and I know I've seen you around before too. I believe you've come to our house once even to drop David off.
    Anyways, my whole family and I have been praying so hard for David..I practically check this blog 932789275 times a day. I admire your strength sooo much. I know you feel weak, but He is strong. And I really thank you for doing this blog and keeping us all updated, and you have become someone very inspiring and influential to me, as well as David of courssssee.

    Anyways, I had a song I really thought you should listen to.
    It's called "he's my son" by mark schultz. You may have heard it before, but it's absolutely a heartfelt and desperate prayer in the form of a song, and every time I sing it I think of you and David and how this is exactly what you are going through.
    We love you all and are praying for you.


  6. Posting for Aunt Suzanne and Unlce Jerry,
    Mom and Dad do not have a computer at home so they asked me to write and let you know that they are praying for a miracle tonight.
    Mom and Aunt Estelle were to come up for a visit next weekend but she said that she will wait for Aunt Estelle to let her know what you and she want her to do. They send their love and prayers.
    I sopke with Anita earlier and she also asked that I write to let you know that she and Emily are praying for a miracle and that you are her in her thoughts.
    With much love,

  7. I'm praying my hardest for David, and will continue to ask our brothers and sisters to lift him up with us.

  8. Praying without ceasing...that's what we're doing. You all are in our thoughts and hearts continually. David, continue to "SHINE"...that's your word ;o). xoxo

  9. David... strongest prayers and thoughts to you as you hold strong through this ordeal... reading the other comments here's another song for you...its by jim brickman called never alone... also by james taylor.... ... thoughts and prayer from CT and NH... stay strong... we have all fallen in love with you through this blog... hugs...
    cassie (grandpa bill's friend )

  10. David, You have so many wonderful messages on here, with so many good people pulling for you. It really bothers me that we are so far away during times like this. Just know that we don't stop thinking about you and we love you very much.
    Annette, Grant, Kyle and Kaelyn :)

  11. As 2:00 draws ever closer, continuing to pray. HE knows. He is never late, but He is never early either.

  12. You don't know me, but I've heard about your situation from my sister who attends your church (Sharron Studinger). We're praying for you and your family. My husband and I just went through the heart transplant process when he was hospitalized in December. If you need any help, have questions or need encouragement, let me know. Sue Rivera at

  13. Hello David, Doug and Bronwyn..this is Aunt Carla in Texas. I was with Estelle when this terrible news came to her. She is a pretty amazing woman and she loves you all so much. I am praying each day that the best news will soon show up on this blog. I did not have this URL until today so I wanted to let you know I'm here and I'm praying daily. You have an aweful lot of wonderful family and friends who are wishing you the best...and that includes my family too. Love to all of you. Carla

  14. Sending prayers and lots of good thoughts your way. I heard about your story through Grandpa Fred and have been praying for you since. God bless!!

    Rich and Lori Schmitz

  15. David I love you so much.Tuesday was an encouraging day for me , its so amazing to see how much trustyou have in God. I cant wait to come up and see you aain and share some more great stories, that are often at brads expense or in that case anyone elses i just thought of that onr time you spent the night at my house and you found that hood to someones jacket and you wore it all night, you even slept in it. that was pretty funny, im still laughing. i cant wait for more ofthose times.Im praying for you bro
    I love You