Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9th, 2009

It has been a "lazy" day today in some respects, if some of you could even see Dave right now, he is totally "kicking back" in his hospital bed with all of these IVs and junk on him and he looks totally relaxed playing his PSP. You would think he was at home lying on his bed just hanging out! He is being his typical self, yelling at the game when it's not working, making jokes with me, and all around having a good day. I am glad since he went into VT AC twice this weekend and they told him he had to be on bed rest all weekend. Today they took him off of bed rest but he still has to take it easy. So we have been lazy today, I have been doing endless word searches and he has been playing his games.

He has gotten so many fun packages and cards in the mail this last week! Thanks to all who send him stuff, even if it is just cards, he loves looking at all of them and then we hang them up on his wall so he can lay in bed and see them. Aunt Wendy and Jess thanks to both of you for the packages of things for him to do, he has enjoyed all of them. Jess, those books are GREAT! I am laughing my head off reading them!


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