Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Day Oh Happy Day

Today was a really good day for David! He was pretty much back to his old self pre surgery. When the kids and I got there around 2pm he was just getting up into the wheelchair for a walk/ride. He was excited that we were there and that we could join him on his walk. We took a long walk all around the campus, the gardens, down to the CCU to see if there was anyone there that we knew, he got out of the chair at the gardens and walked around a bunch. We all sat down on the benches at the gardens and just visited and hung out. He tickled his brother and sister and made them laugh, plus gave them a hard time as usual. The smile that lit up his face when they wheeled him out of the ICU and he saw John and Claire was out of this world, I haven't seen that smile in weeks.

He stuck to the deal we made yesterday and he got up and walked 4 times today! I am so proud of him! He said he is feeling a lot better, he is eating and moving around that does a lot for a person. He is still having one little problem and I can't say what it is over the Internet because I promised I wouldn't, but if you all think about it you will catch on. So pray about that because we have to get that moving because it is so uncomfortable for him. They have him off of one med totally and they are weaning him off the epi which is what we need to be off of before we leave the ICU. So our goal of Wends. seems very realistic! YEAH!

One more thing, I have some emails regarding a phone number for Dave. Since he is still in the ICU there isn't a phone in there and cell phones aren't allowed in that room either. I promise that once we get back in our private room (hopefully this week!) we will post the new # on the blog so that you have it! I know a lot of you are anxious to hear his voice and we appreciate that! But also please keep in mind that he will still be recovering and will not be able to endure long phone conversations or alot of calls.


  1. David,
    Oh what a blessing and comfort it is to know that you are up and around, getting some fresh air and flashing your heart melting smile...I have missed seeing that smile and I miss your hearing your voice.

  2. Praise God!
    All this up and about, eating well; can we assume the nausea and vomiting have subsided if not stopped altogether??
    Praise our loving Heavenly Father!! He is so awesome.
    These pictures are worth a thousand words! David looks terrific!

  3. this is a blessing that Davids better . praise god all mighty