Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12th. 2009

I usually post later in the day, but we just got news from the doctors of important information. They are inserting the Central Line today, Dave had a bad night and is not doing well today. They don't want to take any more chances so it is going in this afternoon. He is trying not to be discouraged with this news, but it is hard for him. What this will do is measure the pressures in his heart and it will elevate him to the very highest status for the transplant list.

Now for the most discouraging part, if his readings are low or if he continues to worsen, like he did over night, they will have to put in what is called a LVAD. What this is, is a surgically implanted pump that will make his heart work. The problem with this procedure is that they will have to take him off of the transplant list for a week after the implant of this LVAD so that he can heal from the surgery. Then he will go back on the list at the highest status at that point again.

We REALLY don't want them to have to insert the LVAD, it would be so horrible for him to go through this procedure and then have to wait even longer for his gift of a new heart. I don't think any of us will be able to mentally handle it well, especially him and he has been in such good spirits about all of this so far.

The surgeons just came in while I was typing this and told us that they are all getting very nervous about how quickly David is deteriorating at this point, so they are strongly considering inserting the LVAD, or how they call it a Mechanical Device to help the heart. They are going to get everything in the works to go ahead and do that, but they will still wait and see what the Central Line shows them today. They are getting several offers for hearts, but Dave is so tall that he is proving difficult to find a match for him, this was discouraging news to hear today.

Please pray hard these next 24 hours, we need it very badly.


  1. Hey!!!! We will be praying that God would sustain you during these days and give you strength that you don’t think you have.
    Forgive the short sermon…….
    Psalm 13 is a Psalm that I thought of for you. The writer is convinced that life has been too difficult and that he will ultimately be overcome with the trials of his life. He repeats the questions to God over and over…“How long? This is common question for us in our hearts. How long will we have to wait? How long will get bad news? How long will we sit in the hospital room hoping for things to change? How long?
    The psalmist heart turns in vs.5 when he speaks of where his trust lies. “But I trust in your unfailing love…..” Though the trials seem to last longer the resources of our strength……..we need to trust in God who loves us with a love that never quits. His love for you and David, Doug and the rest of the team will never quit. It will outlast this day, tomorrow and hardest days to come. He loves you with a love that will outlast your strength and any trials that you will have.
    I will also pray that you will moment by moment trust in the God who is a God of unfailing love.
    If you need me I am just up the road.
    Kevin Boesler

  2. Bronwyn, my mother's heart goes out to you and what you are going through. But God is with you always. Never forget this...He will guide you, protect you, and get you through this... We love you and your family... The Uribe/Epstein Family

  3. Hey david, it's sam! i am praying for you so much. It's amazing the strength you have and you are such an encouragment to me! The strength and courage God has given you is such a testimony to us back home! I miss you very much and you are in mine and my family's prayers constantly as well as everyone here in tehachapi and beyond! Hold on to the strength you have a believe that God has such an amazing plan for your life. I know that this is all happeneing for a reason and it's all part of a perfect plan that God has. Bronwyn and Doug me and my families prayers go out to you and i hope you too can hold on to strength that God has given you and trust that the perfect God of the universe will take care of your baby boy!! Our prayers go to you all!! I love you david and i hope to see you soon!! love your sister in christ SAM