Wednesday, March 11, 2009


David just called me and we have a heart. Oh my gosh.... more later...... It is 12:14am..... I am just too stunned for words.


Thank you dear lord for your unfailing love for my family....


  1. Praise our Father in heaven for blessing our brother David!

    The men on my floor and myself will be praying for the doctors as they prepare for the procedure, giving them wisdom and skill, and also for the family that this gift has come from, that God would reveal His purpose in their pain.

    I'm overjoyed for your family!

  2. the kids are here and in goods hands. It's so exciting the heart is finally here.

  3. Praise our Amazing God!
    Please Father, guide the surgeons hands, give them wisdom and supernatural skill from you. We place David in Your hands Father, keep him safe.
    Please prevent any complications or difficulties. We pray for quick healing and a rapid recovery for David and absolutely no hint of rejection!

    We praise Your Holy name and give You thanks Father God. Please give peace and comfort to David and his family and especially the loved ones of the donor. May they be comforted by Your Holy Spirit and the knowledge that their loved ones heart will bring hope and the promise of new life for another.
    We pray for all the lives who have been touched by this journey and that many lives would be changed for Your good because of it.
    We give You the honor and the glory for all these amazing things that you have done and promise to continue to remember that it is all because of You Father.
    We lift up David and his family now as they continue on this next leg of their journey and that you would give them Your strength and the peace that surpasses any human understanding. We pray for patience and complete and total healing in these next months ahead.
    In the most Holy and precious name of Jesus,

  4. PRAISE GOD!!! We are praying for you all.

  5. We are so happy to hear this wonderful news!! We will be praying for David, the surgeons and the family who have given this wonderful gift. It is a good day! We love you all, Aunt Wendy

  6. God bless! Praying for all involved in this process. May God continue to bless you all with the strength and wisdom for success.
    Also, a special prayer for the donor's family. God bless and comfort you with the knowledge that you have given this wonderful gift.

  7. I have a group of friends and professors praying for him and for the transplant here at Biola. May God keep him safe.

    - Cara (Brandon Kirby's little sister)

  8. I am so excited for Dave and the rest of fam! when i got the call in the middle of the night i just sat up and prayed and thanked God for all the the answered prayers!! But i did have to call your mom back and make sure that the whole thing wasnt a dream! I hope and pray that everything just goes amazing today! i am excited that you guys get to go to the next chapter of this journey! it is about time! Miss you all so glad that this day has finally come!

  9. i just found out during school from a phone call and i was/am sooooo overwhelmed.

    jesus we love you and we thank you.
    your timing is perfect and your plan is perfect.
    you hear us. you always do.
    and you are soo faithful.
    we love you.

    can't wait to see david.
    still praying!


    alyssa severin

  10. Unfailing. UNFAILING. I just love how many times God has put that word in my face this year. His love IS UNFAILING. We praise You, Jehovah Jireh for Your provision, Your love, Your presence with all of us---this big huge family that You have given us. We love you, LORD. Be mighty in this place.