Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14th, 2009

David is not feeling the best today, in mind or body, poor guy. He is really frustrated with how slow his body is healing, when really he is doing better then most in his situation. He still does not feel well enough to eat, the oral meds are making him sick, he is getting heart burn from the anti rejection drugs, his throat is all messed up from the breathing tube, his tongue doesn't seem to be working right, and he is in a lot of pain. At one point today he said that it wasn't worth it he wanted to go back to the way it was before the surgery. He is just really frustrated with not feeling good, WHO CAN BLAME HIM! He was sitting there just flinging his legs up and down in frustration and just yelling out in irritation. Finally he asked for something for the pain and something to help him sleep, the nurse also asked the doctor to order up some Xanex as well for him. He needs to just chill for awhile. I think he honestly expected to wake up feeling like a new person without any side effects and it is frustrating to him that he doesn't feel exactly that way.

I came back early from the hospital with the kids and took a nap, I just can't stop from being exhausted. All of the past weeks without sleep are finally catching up with me! Then I made dinner for the troops and we are spending a quiet evening in our "hometel" as the kids call it. I really hope he feels better tomorrow. I feel so badly for him, all of these emotions and feelings have got to be a lot to take in all at once, plus still not feeling good after everything he has gone through.


  1. david, keep your head up, you got an amazing gift of life from another "kid" and his family... you are doing good... its still a road to go, but better than the one before your new heart... this road will go on for a longgg time, and you will have time to live more of your life, outside of the hospital :)... keep your head up, think of all those things that you want to do when you get out of there... hugs


  2. Father God,
    I pray that you would give David a good night sleep. Lord hold him close to your heart. Help him adjust quickly to the new heart you have given him. Return to him his appetite and his zest for life. Give him your peace Lord in the midst of very difficult circumstances. Inhabit his praises to you Lord and please quite his pain and nausea. I pray your presense would cover every corner of his room and he would know you are so very near to him. God Bless you and keep you David and your precious family.

  3. Keep going! The week right after surgery of any kind is hard and painful. We're still praying. You all will make it!
    Love, Brandon Kirby