Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7th, 2009

Doug says all is well over at the hospital today, Dave went out for a long walk and they called us so we could talk to Dave, and he really wanted to talk to the kids. After the walk he was really tired and slept for a long time, when he woke up I guess he felt a bit nauseous here and there, but Doug left during one of his sleeping bouts, so we will find out more of that tomorrow. He pretty much slept all afternoon Doug said, so hopefully he is still feeling pretty good. Kiana was his nurse today, so all was right in the world of Dave. He felt good, his dad was there, he got to call home, and one of our faves was his nurse. What more could we ask for? Except a heart of course!

The kids and I spent a nice day at home and then went over and had dinner with my dad, brother, and sister. It was a nice evening and it was good to laugh and talk about other things for a bit. I loved playing with my 18 month old nephew and it did my heart good to spend some time with him and really enjoy the little kid in all of us for a while. Claire is having a sleepover with a girlfriend tonight, so they are camped out in the living room in a tent, John is in his room watching Star Wars and nodding off, and I am (big sigh here) feeling lonely, but happy that today was a good day for all of us and it was an almost "normal" day.

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  1. Hi guys. I am Amy Gividen's mom and I just have to share a sweet story. Our family has prayed faithfully for David and will continue to do so. We love David very much. Tonight our sweet Linsey who is 5, asked to pray first. She said, "God (and Jesus), bring Daivd a new heart...we know you can do it!" I'm not sure why...but I haven't been able to stop crying since. Just know you are all loved and prayed for. God Bless. Liz