Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009

Needless to say David and I are both VERY tired today. We had to be at the hospital this morning at 7:30 am for the start of our clinic day and so that meant up by at least 6 am which was hard on the both of us. I feel like I am dragging, I can only imagine how he is feeling. As a matter of fact he is napping right now, poor guy today was hard on him.

First was lab work which was no big deal but of course they couldn't find a good vein so they had to poke him 3 times before finally getting a good draw. Then we went up for our clinic visit, and I just have to say that in each phase of this remarkable journey I get nervous when we are going to be seen by a new group of people. Well, once again my worries were at once put to ease because everyone was terrific from the get go. They were all very familiar with us and knew everything about us, there weren't any gaps or history to go over which was very nice. Even at the end of the visit the doctor that will see David on Monday came in to introduce herself and look at Dave so she would know if there was any significant change in appearance over the weekend. It is an amazing team of medical individuals and support, the best of the best.

During the clinic visit the doctors and nurses agreed that he is a little fluid logged so they upped his lasiks pill (the diuretic) so that they can get some more fluid off of him and quickly. This is pretty common coming right out of the hospital so they are going to keep an eye on it. They also have referred him to a Stanford Ear Nose and Throat Specialist for the tongue issue since it is getting worse and not better. No one can figure out what is going on so they are considering all sources at this time. Other then that the visit went pretty well and there weren't any major concerns.

He also had an echo done, some xrays, and the first biopsy of his heart done all of which we will get a call tomorrow with the results. So needless to say he is wore out! He is starting to feel a little down in the mouth, which he has been back and forth with since the surgery anyways, but it is getting a tad worse. He is dealing with a lot of questions and life changing stuff and it has been hard for him to handle. More so then that he told me last night while we were eating dinner that he didn't realize until just this week how much he relied on the routine and the structure of the Navy and he is really worried about not having that. His days are open ended and that frightens him a bit, so that is my new project because in that same respect trying to get him to do anything is hard because he is a little depressed as well. Everything about this is going to take some serious adjusting and tweaking, but we have the Lord on our side and that is the only answer!

So prayers tonight for peaceful sleep for my sweet boy and a calm heart that knowing the first week of anything new is hard. Next week will be better and eventually we will get our own "routine" down even if it is just silly stuff! Tomorrow we are back at the hospital for 5 hours so that he can get a special medicine through IV, so he needs good sleep tonight.


  1. From Doug: Better late than never I guess, but I just signed up to be a donor. Check the link on the right of the screen ----->

  2. keep up the good work david.. you in time will find your own "schedual" that will keep you motivated and healthy... we are all here for you, and very excited about your new heart..hugs... maybe they can bring the dogs by to see you in the hotel??? :)

    cassie- and everyone at work in CT :)

  3. It takes little time to get into a routine,so hang in there.Also being in the hospital for so long and on that routine,it always feels as though there are to many hours in the day.All that will change.Love you much David.

    Grandma P.