Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18th, 2009

I just am amazed at the strides that this man is making! He has it in his mind to get out of here and he is intent on doing just that! He really wanted to get dressed in some real clothes and they told him yesterday that would be possible, so we sent Aunt Sarah, the fashion queen, on a mission to get him some new clothes. He needed new clothes because he has lost 35 pounds since being in the hospital and none of his old clothes would fit! So Auntie Sarah and Uncle Chad took off this morning to the mall and totally outfitted him in some very stylish clothes head to toe! He was so excited, and they even came back with California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. He was a very happy camper! So after a yummy lunch we all went downstairs to enjoy some music in the atrium and then a walk outside in the garden. This was the first time Dave got to go outside by himself without any nurses, and without any type of monitoring equipment or an IV pole. He was so excited and felt very proud of himself today.

Here are just a few pics of Dave actually feeling "human" for the first time in a long time. He is hoping to get a shower today and wants to wash his hair, as gross as it sounds he hasn't been able to wash his hair once since all of this has started, so he is really looking forward to that. Just a little while longer and he will be released from the hospital. They are thinking either Monday or Tuesday, at that time Dave and I will become long term residence's of Palo Alto for the next 3 months or so! We are both looking forward to him being to sleep in a real bed and he can't wait for me to cook some meals for him again. His first meal request..... of course..... Chicken Tacos.

David sitting outside by the gardens in "real" clothes. He loved sitting outside today and just chatting and laughing with his aunts and uncles. His two uncles crack him up all the time, it was good to see him laughing and having a good time.

David, Grandpa Fred, Sarah, Chad, and Ricky while listening to the live music downstairs. For those of who you don't know this is my dad, my sister, her husband, and my baby brother.


  1. That's pretty awesome. And he got different colored filters for his darth mask, good. --doug

  2. I am so excited for you and dave!and all of this progress! I can only imagine how good it felt to be in real clothes something that i totally take for granit! I will keep you guys in my prayers! miss u! Hope tomorrow is twice as good as today was!

  3. *tears... omg david you look AWESOMEEEEE>.. :D... keep up the good work.. glad they got you a better colot for your mask, although im sure thats no biggie as long as you get out of that joint and get to shower... congrats congrats... cassie

  4. What an awesome day! David, you look fantastic, even with the darth vadar mask. Whatever it takes to get a little freedom, right! I am in total amazement at how soon you are going to be able to leave the hospital and what a change we can see in just the pictures. Thank you so much B for the great job you have done in keeping us all informed on Dave's status and what is going on. You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers....Love you guys! Aunt Wendy

  5. wow ! Dave you look fantastic. What an awesome young man you are.... My dad was a transplant recipient and he done just as well with his . The nurses and drs called him their miracle patient. And we all know God has a big hand in that.
    Dave you are the strongest young man I have ever met ( I feel I know you and love ya ).You will go a long way in life... God made sure of that. Just keep that faith and always know he is holding you and protecting you in those loving hand's of his.....

    MOM, you are also an amazing person. You have stood by this young man through it all. We are all so thankful for you taking the time from this stressful situation to keep us updated .I can't say enough about you.
    Dave has been on our prayer chain at church since this all began and they were really surprised wed night when I told everyone how he is really coming back from the transplant and we will continue to pray for him and the family even after he leave's the hospital.... Hang in there and know you are all loved dearly!