Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Special Thank You

At this time Doug and I would like to publicly thank Doug's mother for all she has done for us during the last two months. She made sure that she got us to Hawaii very quickly when the doctors called, and helped us out when we got there. She also made sure that she was here waiting for Dave at Stanford when he arrived since Doug and I couldn't get a plane out from Hawaii until the day after he left. Then more recently she painted a painting for the staff here at the hospital thanking them for all that they have done and that was nice of her as well. Even though she lives far away she has done several things that have needed to be mentioned and we have not done so, we apologize for that. Doug's dad that lives in Florida also helped us out while we were in Hawaii and we also thank him for that as well. I also appreciate that his wife Sue has sent David a card every week to make him laugh. And just last week she sent me a beautiful bracelet as a thank you for all that I have done for David, so thank you Sue, we really appreciate it.

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