Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30th, 2009

Clinic Monday started out very normal as clinic days go. Until we mentioned to the doctor that David had some heart racing episodes on Friday night, which they call tachycardia. The doctor wasn't very thrilled to hear about this and with that paired with the slight rejection status that showed up on the biopsy on Thursday they wanted to do another Echo right away to make sure that the heart wasn't showing any further signs of rejection. As well as that David is now wearing a portable EKG machine to monitor is heart for the next 48 hours to see if it happens again. So we will know tomorrow about the Echo results and we turn the EKG machine back in on Wednesday.

As well as all of that he still has a lot of fluid build up around his ankles, belly, and back that isn't decreasing so the doctor ordered this other scan, I can't remember what it was called all I know is that we had to go to Nuclear Medicine to do it and it took over an hour and a half. But the scan would show if there happens to be any blood clots in his back or lungs that would be possibly building up and providing a fluid blockage. Dave said it was not a fun scan that they made him inhale stuff and then he also had to get an injection as well, and it took a very long time. Then on top of that we had to go and get the Echo done which is not a fast test and get him the portable EKG.

We are just now back in our room at almost 4pm after leaving at 8am this morning, we are both beat. We are praying for positive test results and a good outcome of today. Both of us are planning a low key evening, we couldn't eat lunch until 3pm so we had a late lunch so I am sure it will be snacks for dinner and then early to bed for the both of us tonight!


  1. the test he had done sounds like a V/Q scan (ventilation/perfusion scan), hope those results are negative... glad that you are getting to enjoy your freedom from the hospital.. getting into a routine? prayers for you still...


  2. Yes that is it!! A V/Q Scan.... thank you Cassie!! He is still very bored and not in much of a routine yet...

  3. We prayed for you Dave at Sunday School yesterday morning. Praying for you still for the new tests to come back with good results. God bless both of you with a good night's sleep and His peace.

  4. Just a thought... you may want to consider watching David's sodium intake, it can certainly contribute to fluid retention. Praying for you all through this journey.

  5. Yeah, he has pretty much laid off the sodium since that first day. Besides the fluid he just felt like poo after eating it! So ever since he has been really rigid with that! Thanks!