Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 15th, 2009

We are at the hospital today and the doctors are concerned that Dave is still so sick to his stomach after 4 days. He also is having severe loss of use of his tongue and because of these two things they have ordered a CT SCAN of his brain to see if anything happened during the surgery. He also is not producing blood as well as he should be so they have ordered some blood for him to see if that will help his body work a little bit better. They are trying all sorts of stuff to help him feel better, but the poor guy is just miserable. Doug's mom just got here, so Doug and she are in there with him now. He really just wants to feel better, he says he keeps praying and praying for that. He got really upset and started crying, but luckily we have awesome nurses and they gave him something to calm him down. Because the more anxious and upset he gets the more his body is in pain.

Doug and the little ones will be leaving soon, and so I am praying for my strength and the Lord to guide me through this next week. David is so strong and I can tell his strength is weakening because he is so tired of all of this. It has been so much for him and he just wants to feel better. I know the Lord has a plan for all of us through this and that plan will be revealed at some point to us all.


  1. Dear Bronwyn,
    I was so elated to hear that David got a heart match. But then just reading today's blog, it must be so frustrating to him to have waited so long for it and to have had the surgery and then still feel "sick". Poor baby. And I know this is so difficult on the rest of you, just being the supportive bystanders. Please know we will continue the praise God for all things for you all and David and pray that he will find a strong level of recovery and comfort, an element of "healthy", soon. We are also holding the donor family up in prayer, as well. We love you all, Ann and Bill Thomas

  2. Hi Honey, let Dave know he is in my prayers. I love you guys and know all will be well in God's timeline. We just need to be patient and relax. It is so hard to do this for all of us and espically for Dave. I have got a cold so won't be over for a few days. Hang in there and if there is anything you need we are here for you.

    Give Dave a big hug from me.

    Love ya bunches Dad

  3. Sherrie Snyder (a friend of Eric and Carrie Olsen)March 15, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    The family of God throughout the country are praying for you all! God is truly so faithful. I pray that with every breath, the love of Jesus will be poured into every cell of your heart, soul, mind and strength. The simple words of the song "Jesus Loves Me" are truly a foundation of peace and encouragement. Praying and singing with and for you!

    Bless you ~