Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Funny Guy

I was just recently pursued to join Facebook, so as I was going through photos to post on that site I found this picture. I just started laughing and smiling and then I sent it to Costco to be printed so I can look at it everyday and be reminded that this silly boy will be this way once again. This picture was taken when he was home for Thanksgiving on leave. He only had about 3 days leave time with us at that time and we loved every minute of it, I had just had surgery and was feeling pretty crummy and so Dave took the little kids and entertained them for awhile so I could rest. While he was entertaining them he "borrowed" my camera and took several silly pictures of the kids and himself. This picture was one of those... I loved it then and I am so glad I stumbled on to it now....... Love you silly boy.....

David Thanksgiving 2008
1 month before getting sick.......

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