Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th, 2009

YIPPEEE!! WE ARE OUT OF THE ICU! I am soooo happy! It is so funny how these little things will make your day! I just have to give a HUGE shout out to Julie and the doctors for making this happen, without you this wouldn't have happened and we would still be in the ICU. THANK YOU!!!!

After yesterday it was pretty clear that David has to be on these two meds until the transplant, these meds aren't allowed off the ICU, but because of our dear Julie and her ultimate persistence, they have made an exception this ONE time for David. We are in a private room with a view and dare I say I even saw a smile on his face today?? He was really tired today and still didn't feel great, but I could tell he was so happy to get out of the ICU and see a different view of the hospital. We do have to stay in the hospital until the transplant but at least we have some great people on our side making sure that David is comfortable until that happens. I am so thankful for that, it makes things so much easier.

So, now we are still waiting, just elsewhere:) HA! I told him I will bring back all of his goodies and cards tomorrow that everyone has sent him so that we can decorate the room, I think I counted the other day and we have received over 400 cards and over 100 emails from people. It is amazing how many good people are out there in the world, and I am so thankful for all the prayers and support. Laura Haight, I can't thank you enough for your wonderful letters to both us and David, your letter to Dave brought tears to my eyes so many things in that rang true. He also received the two games that you ordered for him from Amazon today, thank you for those, we both really appreciate that! How sweet and thoughtful of you!!!

We love you all, each and everyone of you, even if we haven't met! Oh and Cathy Wiggins... the iced teas were great... it made the waiting for our new room go by faster...... :) Smiles

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