Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Address and Such

Hi there all!

As of Monday we will more then likely be out of the hospital.... insert huge applause and lots of yelling here...... yes it will be a joyous occasion. Even though we can't go home quite yet, we are still all very excited that we will not be permanent residences of Stanford Hospital anymore, but we will be residences of Palo Alto for the next 3 months.

David has a lot that he still has to go through and it is still a long journey ahead of us. We have to come back to the hospital every Monday and Thursday pretty much all day long for heart biopsy's to make sure that he isn't rejecting and do lab work. These tests will take most of the day, he also signed up today to be part of a research study on donor hearts, and I was really proud of him for deciding to do that. He also was given the list of medications that he is now on and it is a sheet that is 4 pages long and it is over 25 pills that he has to take at 4 different times of the day. Life is not going to be "easy" over the next few months, but we can handle anything at this point.

He is getting restless right now, time seems to be dragging by for him since he is getting so close to getting out of here. I too am thinking the same thing, we are so close to the end of the hospital stay but yet it seems so far away. Time is literally standing still for the both of us right now. He told me today he really wants to feel normal again, he feels better each day, but he longs for the day when this is all totally over.

At this point I would ask that you no longer send anything to the Standford address, I will update the side bar of the blog with the hotel address if you would like to mail him him something. He still loves getting all the cards and goodies, so I want to make sure you all have the correct address!


  1. I am so happy for you all!!

  2. I am so happy David is getting better. Please know that he is in our thoughts and prayers as is the rest of his family. Though I dont know any of you personally, I have laughed with you and cried with you and are always in our hearts. The Case Family, Northwest Indiana

  3. = D

    Bring on the "Home Apartments" lol...

    I know exactly what both you guys are going through.
    The high dose of Prednisone will make David think about things and very paranoid in away will make him very frustrated if you get what I'm saying? I remember waking up one morning and whilst wiggling my fingers and toes before crawling slowly up out of bed thinking to myself "when's this all going to end"?

    I personally think the key to a good productive recovery is to keep a positive mind and to keep telling yourself you're getting better = D
    As hard as it may sound try not to dwell on the fact it seems like it's taking forever and try to enjoy every moment of everyday. Just think to yourself that there are a lot of people who wish they could be in your position right now and that there have been loads of people who have been in your position right now and have ridden the roller coaster you're riding and are back living their normal lives = )

    Every recipient has to go through the same process so you're not alone ; )

    Hang in there mate!

    Remember you've already gotten passed the hard bit = )

    David, you and all your family are in my thoughts = )

    English Joe