Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21st. 2009

I just spent 40 min talking with David via the Internet on Skype, I praise the Lord for modern technology. He was wondering what I was up to and I happened to be folding laundry when the call came through and it was a nice break. We chatted for awhile and then both decided that we were going to have to get off the computer and actually do something, he needed to try and sleep and I needed to try and get life in order around the house. He is getting very excited about getting out of the hospital. More so because his Uncle Ricky is building him a fancy computer and he told Dave that he is going to come and stay with us this week at the hotel to visit him and help get it all going for him. So Dave is super excited about this week, lets hope all goes as planned!!

Last Thursday I took a picture of David sorting out his 6pm pills because it is just amazing what he has to learn to do and the mere fact that he is doing it is awe inspiring! I can barely remember to take 2 in the morning, much less what he has to take 5x a day! So that is what some of these pictures are!

Then on Friday he received a very special gift from our friends Kurt and Sondra Keckley in Bakersfield. Their church made him a prayer quilt, which gave us chills when he opened it on Friday. They made it just for him and then during a church service members of the congregation tied the knots of the quilt and said a prayer for him while they did it. This is a very special quilt and was made with love and blessings from above. David was honored and quite impressed with it, he said he can't wait to lounge around with it at the "homtel".

This is just one dose, his 6pm dose, those papers are the time schedule and his cheat sheet of what to take and when. The box is the "magic" box that holds all of his meds. He is a trooper, he also has to take a liquid that he says is really nasty! Better then the alternative though!!

This is the quilt, he was very happy that it was long enough to cover his whole body, most don't realize that he is almost 6'4! What a special gift! He will treasure it always!!

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  1. That's pretty awesome. Can't wait to see it this weekend. And all those drugs, well hopefully soon a lot of them can be eliminated or reduced in dosage. You are doing so well! --doug (dad)