Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A special thanks

As I was doing laundry just now, part of which was all of David's new clothes :), I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I got to thinking of all the people around the globe that have helped us out with so many things. Cards, emails, goodies to keep Dave occupied, food, monetary donations, support, love, and so much more. I overwhelmed right now with the amount of Gods love that is out there, people say its not and that we live in an angry world, but we truly do not. We live in a world filled with loving, gentle people, that truly want to do the right thing, even if that means just popping a card in the mail to cheer my son up, even if they don't know him. So thank you.

A very big thank you to my sister, Sarah, today for taking time out of her visit with David to go shopping for him so he could feel normal today. It did so much for his mental capacity as well as his progress in getting better. I am truly thankful for you doing that, and doing it without a moments hesitation, it really meant a lot to the both of us. It was right up your alley I know, but it was a sweet and special thing to do.

At this time I would also like to thank the following people:

My mom, Debra VanDyke
Jacque Ohl-Trilca
Monica LaMonte
My dad, Fred Rhodes
My sister, Sarah Frazier
My brother, Rick Rhodes
Kurt and Sondra Keckley
Lora White
Lacey Boggess
Heidi Nelsen
Apryl VanGroningen
Kevin Boesler
Senior Chief James Pitts

These were all the people that sat by our side the day of the heart transplant, Doug and I have talked about that day several times and we both agree that we would NEVER have made it through those 7 long hours from the time they took him until they finished without any of you. Just having you all there was an extreme peace of mind and when we all prayed together at the end is something I will never ever forget. Some of you drove all night to get to us and that kind of faithfulness will never be forgotten. We love you all.


  1. Just want to say congratulations to David and to keep urging for the light at the end of the tunnel...

    The hard parts over now buddy. Just keep taking ya meds and doing what the Stanford guys tell ya and ya'll be back to a normal way of life in no time = )

    I've replied to ya email and look forwarding to speaking to ya when Davids back on his feet again.

    English Joe


  2. I can't not even express in words, how blessed and honored I felt to be there for the surgery. It was a magical day in so many ways. The amount of love and support in that room was something I will never forget. The cheers for the doctors, the WONDERFUL prayer Pastor Kevin gave with all of us in a circle holding hands after the surgery, is something I will always cherish and hold dear in my heart for forever.

    I continue to be amazed by the faith and strength of everyone. David you are so AWESOME!!! You are such an inspiration!!! Keep your head up my dear!!!

    Love to you all,