Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24th, 2009

Finally I am posting!! My STUPID laptop, sorry Kiana, but it has not been working, so I have been without a computer until today when I finally begged Dave to borrow his. Soo.... we bailed out of the hospital at 2pm yesterday and it was fantastic!! We went through Taco Bell first thing upon David's request and then headed to the homtel, he was so happy. He couldn't stop smiling! He instantly started up his computer and started gaming with his friends something he has been missing for the last 3 months. Our friend Jeff LaMonte happened to be in the area for meetings last night so he stopped by to visit with Dave and then we ordered pizza for dinner. Dave made up his own pizza which totally disgusted me, shrimp, artichoke hearts, and Canadian bacon. Then later in the evening my brother Rick drove up and he is going to spend the week with us and build David's fancy new computer.

Today Doug's dad is here visiting from Florida and so is Doug's sister, Annette, visiting from Colorado. So David is having a jam packed day! He will be tired tonight. But he has requested my famous chicken tacos for dinner tonight, so that is what I am making him. He has been looking forward to those for months.

I also hung up a surprise for him at the homtel yesterday, his little sister's class made him a huge poster and I hung it up in the entry of our new "house" for him to see everyday. Plus I enjoy seeing it and I know that it will make me smile as well as him!

David enjoying his first real meal outside of the hospital!

His disgusting pizza, but he said that it was an "awesome" combination.

What a great poster!


  1. wow! i didn't know it looked like that! Pretty cool. Thanks Mr. Andrade for all the work you guys put into it. Thank the kiddies also. --doug

  2. Go Navy!! Dave you look great sitting there with the pizza. Sounds like you have a busy time planned this week. I am so glad you are out of the hospital. Claire, the poster is super! You did a great job. Hugs to you and Bronwyn! Love, Grandma

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you're in the homtel now. Please do keep us posted on your progress. I've been checking this blog daily & praying for continued blessings of good health and recovery.
    Kudos also to the Navy for such wonderful support! richandlori (wmowners.com)