Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th, 2009

When we went in at 10am to see David today we were all shocked to see how GOOD he was doing. He was taken off the ventilator and breathing tube at 11pm last night, only 4 hours after surgery and he was doing fantastic! He was sitting up eating some Italian ice, sipping (or chugging) water, begging for food, talking to us, and waving. We were all amazed, truly a miracle that only God could provide. The only hiccup is that his eyes (cornea's) were both scratched during the surgery, probably by the tape they use, but they are expecting that to heal by tomorrow.

I just have to say a tremendous thank you to Dr. Tang, Dr. Mellini, and Dr. Tony (sorry I am not even going to try and spell that last name!). The three of you truly used your God given talents to help David with his medical condition. God has truly blessed you with a gift that you chose to expand on and use to help people in this world and because of that this family is forever grateful. That is why we applauded you yesterday when you came out into the waiting room, you deserved it.

Doug and I feel much more rested today I must say! I think it is the first night in 60 days that we actually slept the entire night through! It was such a feeling of comfort and relaxation just knowing that our son actually had a nice beating healthy heart inside of him. I for one finally "exhaled" as Kevin Boesler put it and I still can't believe what we all went through yesterday. I am just so happy how well he is doing and when we left him to rest he was asking the nurse when he could get up and walk around. I swear that kid has one goal in mind, getting out of the hospital!

Please keep in prayers that donor family, that is very important to me and will be for a long time. That family should be praised for a long time, they saved many lives yesterday. They did several transplants from that same donor yesterday and I can't imagine how many thankful families there were but at the same time how much grief the other family is going through. We know that the donor was a minor, so that was a big decision for the family and a hard one for them to make.


  1. Dear David, you are an amazing testimony to what all our Father can do. You are a strong young man. I am proud of you!

  2. Glad to hear that he is doing so well, but we woundn't expect anything less!! My prayers are with you and the family that masde the sacrafice to save a life. I am looking forward to seeing you all as soon as I return. Keep up the good work. Sarah, RN

  3. As I've been reading your blog for the last few weeks, your family continues to amaze me. The whole Navy mom community has been praying for your son and our praying has worked. Thank you so much for thinking about the donor family. I know that they are hurt and grieving but allowing their child to be an organ donor speaks volumes about their generosity. God bless them for this unselfish act. Please tell David that we are happy he is doing well. Theresa in Virginia

  4. Hey David and Family,
    We have been praying and thinking about you everyday and are so happy for the great news. We wish you a great recovery and hope to see you soon. The Good Lord is watching out for you and our prayers are with the donor family.
    Buzz and Tiffany Bamert and Family

  5. David and family....PRAISE THE LORD !!!! I'm soooo HAPPY that all our prayers have been answered. We want to continue to hear good things. And we also pray for the surgeons, surgical team and their skilled hands. And, with that said my prayers and thoughts will be with the donor family and their loss. David continue with your courage and you will accomplish great things.
    Love & Prayers

  6. Hey David-
    we are so happy to hear this exciting news and so is our prayer network. we too took a big deep breath with this good news. We hope to keep hearing the great news! Have a great day!

  7. I was just wondering if David was up for any visitors or if he was allowed any?
    We, the Rambeau family, were interested in coming up to visit him.