Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

So today is Mothers Day..... I will not go into detail as to what kind of day it was for me, but if you would like to email me I will tell you.

Thank you for all the comments you have left on the blog to David and I, they mean so much to me. But I have to tell you that to my knowledge, David does not read the blog or the comments. He has a friend that reports to him what I write on the blog, and the report gets a little misconstrued I am afraid. So because of that I am now toying with the fact of not writing on the blog anymore, it has made him mad enough to not wish me a Happy Mothers Day, and that makes me sad and I will not have that kind of contention between him and I. I know that he loves me very much and things are just hard for him right now, and in his defense he is not being mean at all, just stubborn. I love him more then anything in the world, and I know that he KNOWS that. I just need to get down on my knees and pray for him that his heart will change and that the Lord will really speak to him. I know he will and I know that the strength for all of this will come through the Lord, but I do not want David getting to the point where he resents me. So far he has not, I don't know why he chose not to acknowledge me on this day, that is between him and the Lord. I know that he loves me and that is all that matters.

So if I don't write much for awhile, that is why. I have a DEEP DEEP love for all of you and my heart is full of love for so many of you that I have never even met. Please know that I thank the Lord for each one of you every day.


  1. Dear Bronwyn, Thanks so much for your time, for your eloquence, and for the painstaking ways in which you have made each and every one of us feel included in this story. This story is not just David's story but yours and your entire family. Each and every post has given us such an insight into every detail of the struggles you and your family have dealt with. You are a wonderful mother and deserve all the love and care from your devotion to David and your family. Love, Chris and Eliott.

  2. I echo what you are saying Bronwyn.
    I too feel a love for David, you and your family although we have never met. That love I believe flows from Christ as we pray in earnest for all of you and God's will in your lives.

    I have been so blessed by the opportunity to witness God's hand in your lives and to pray for you. I for one have been changed and I believe I am a better mother because of what God has revealed to me through your family's struggles.

    However, I believe perhaps you are right. I think that maybe for your family's sake and for David's, it may be a good idea to let the blog go for a while. I also think that you can ask for prayer without being quite so specific and risking alienating David.

    We offer up unspoken requests for people all the time and while it can be helpful to know in general what to pray for, the Lord already knows and that is what is important.

    Please know that we all support you out here and I agree with the comments from the couple above, that you are a wonderful mother and we so appreciate your allowing us into your lives.

    I also believe that this blog has been a chance for you to vent many of your emotions, fears and frustrations and I would encourage to continue journaling in some form. Even if you do decide to limit or stop the blog altogether I hope you will still find an outlet for these feelings.

    In addition, Please don't ever doubt that we will continue praying in earnest for David and your entire family. I know I speak for many when I say, you will all continue to be in my constant prayers.

    Most importantly, the Lord through the Holy Spirit has a hold of David and He will never let go. Please don't despair, but continue giving your boy over to the God of the Universe who loves him so much that He gave His life for David's salvation.

    May the love, and the Peace of Christ that surpasses all human comprehension flow out to you and your whole family.