Monday, May 11, 2009


My friend Sarah and I decided that David needed to see what jail really looked like... NO I AM JUST KIDDING!! Last week, Dave made a list of things he wanted to do to get out and about and since we are only 30 minutes from San Francisco, he put down Alcatraz as one of them. Our good friend Sarah Ferraro said she would love to join us because she had never been and it just so happened she had today off from the hospital so we took the afternoon and drove on up to the city and had a great time. After the tour, which was REALLY interesting we all went out to dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp's and then headed back to Stanford. It was a fun day and we ALL enjoyed ourselves, so I am pretending that today was my 2nd mothers day. Maybe yesterday David just didn't like sharing me with the little kids:) So I felt really lucky to have a good day with him today and it was a lot of fun.

This is David standing in one of the "Isolation" cells, wonder if it is the same one that Al Capone was in?

Dave and I on the island with a beautiful view of the San Francisco Skyline in the background.

A great group shot of the 3 of us before getting on the ferry that took us to the island.

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  1. Great Stuff guys = )

    Was really good we finally got to speak eye to eye on Thursday night = )

    The more routine stuff Dave gets back into the better he will be = D

    Remember What I said about planning stuff so he has a reason to get off his but and out of bed in the mornings = )

    You guys have a wonderful family and are very close to eachother just like mine = ) I'm sorry ya couldn't meet any of mine but they were all still in bed lol...

    My mum insisted Bronwyn that I am to give you her phone number. So I'll message you that on Facebook 2mora. She told me to let you know that she is only a phone call away if you ever want to just talk to another mother who has been in the same situation with their young son = )

    Hope you guy had a great time over the weekend and that Dave enjoyed a little bit of normality. Hopefully that has encouraged him to do what he needs to do so he can get back to it full time once he has left the Home Apartments = )

    Speak to ya 2mora on Fbook ; )

    Ciao for now...