Friday, June 5, 2009


Thursday and today were crazy days for us....... both appointments were informational and long... but they each provided good answers! David's appointment went really well in the fact that his heart appears to be doing great, his Ejection Fraction was at 68% which is terrific and the highest number he has ever had. They did a lot of blood tests and the docs are leaning towards this being a diabetes issue and not a heart issue. He came down with medically induced diabetes a couple of weeks ago which they told him would possibly happen after transplant because of all the medicines he has, but his diet hasn't helped the situation. So we need prayers for a change of "heart" on that one.

So today the doctors told us that he is for sure having a diabetes problem and we have to go back in on Monday for more testing and another clinic visit. They are unhappy about how out of control it is and his blood pressure is still not under control so they want to get a handle on that as well. All things that need to be taken care of before we can go home!!

Here is my prayer request, that David continue to have the positive outlook that he currently has but also WANT to make the EXTREME diet and exercise changes that they are asking him to do. He is unwilling and unmotivated to do so, I can only do so much in the cooking for him area, he is 20! I know he wants to, but we have all been 20 before and we all know how hard this is for him. So please pray for him and also if any of you talk to him please encourage him to make these healthy lifestyle choices!


  1. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor's diagnosis of Dave's condition is not a surprize to me. Diabetes is insidious. It slows your metal processes and changes your personality. It convinces you that you are fine and everybody else is wrong and you would be better off if they would just leave you alone; especially your doctor, and the people that love you most. Finally you feel so tired and sick that life just doesn't seem important any more. The good news is once you reach this state it can reverse itself as fast as it comes on. Once the blood sugar is under control, the blood pressure lowers and you can start thinking and feeling again. The change in the way you feel is overwhelming. I'm on medication and diet. My blood sugar is back in control and I haven't felt so good in years. It's motivating. I exercise an hour a day, watch my diet and take my med. I'm motivated because I love life again and want to experience it all. I hope and pray for this transformation for Dave.

  2. Well at least it's not the HEART =]

    <3 Sarah

  3. Is it time for another Phone call on Skype from this side of the pond?
    The diet change only lasts until he is fully recovered. I eat what I want and when I want I just don't go CRAZY on all the crappy takeout foods like Macy Ds etc... Once he's back to normal he'll be exercising and active like he was before so all the rubbish he wants to eat he can in moderation providing he get's off his arse and breaks a sweat after. Contact me on Facebook and we can sort out another time to have a chat? It will be good to see Dave anyways = )

    Take care...


  4. I cannot imagine what you are going thru both as a mother and as a family......My husband worked with Dave on the Boxer and we would joke with im that he was going to marry our daughter- we laughed and told him to call us mom and dad ( my husband is only 32) hahaha but seriously , I too have 2 little ones and an adult child and I am thankful everyday that TODAY they are healthy because as you know that can change in an are a strong strong woman and I can only hope that if I am ever faced with a heart wrenching illness with one of my kids that I can face it with as much courage and selflessness as you. Please tell Dave that The Alleys say to stay strong and get well and that Devyn is still single ;)