Thursday, June 11, 2009

90 days = 3 Months Post Transplant

Can I just say YAHOO!! I mean really.... we have made it to that glorious 3 month mark and I am oh so proud of my boy! He has had some pretty big stumbles and the fact of the matter is he still will.... but he has made it 3 MONTHS PAST TRANSPLANT. This is a big deal... the next biggie is 6 months and then the next one is 12 months.... I can't wait for those days... it will be oh so wonderful. He is such a great kid... I just love him so much. Really, I wish I could squeeze him and tell him that every single day... but big sigh... he is also a 20 year old man and isn't too hip on the old mom squeezing and loving on him ALL the time.

He got to say "adios" to the mask today... and that was a big step. Even though he will still have to wear it to the hospital for visits and anytime he is around construction or open fields... for the most part it is gone... and with that presented a whole new lease on life for him. I saw it in his face this morning. He was given some challenges to do this week and I really think he has changed his outlook some and is going to do them... I am praying. I also know that we have a very AWESOME God and he will do AWESOME things.... he already has. I am just excited to see what he has planned for this journey next.

I want to write more, but I am oh so tired. We had a long day at clinic today, which began very early, I still have the little ones with me... and I am just tuckered out. For those of you praying for our dear Claire, she is going in on Monday morning to have an Endoscopy done as well as a Colonoscopy done to see if they can get some answers and more test results. She will be put under for both of these procedures, but none the less it is not going to be a fun day.

So I am signing off for tonight.... but I just couldn't let this FANTASTIC 90 DAY mark go unnoticed on the blog... I am so happy, over joyed, filled with Gods never ending love, and SOOO SOOO proud of Dave for making it to this milestone....


  1. Congrats Dave on your 90 days, that is awesome! We praise the Lord for such a great gift and we look forward to many more celebrations like today. Thank you Bronwyn for all the care you have given Dave and being there with him throughout this journey.
    We love you guys, Sarah and Chris

  2. Congratulation on a wonderful milestone!!! Heres to many many many many more!!!!! God Bless! You and your family are awesome and thank you for sharing all of these feelings. I dont think you know how many lives you touch doing this. Or how many people care so deeply for you and your family yet have never meet you.