Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lessons I have Learned

In the education field you quickly realize that every moment is a teachable moment, no matter what you are doing. I sometimes wonder if that is how God feels about us... that he is constantly using every moment in our lives to teach us something, he is the ultimate teacher of all things. I for one have learned an incredible amount of things over the past 6 months. Things about myself as a person, the medical field, my family, the Lord, David, and so much more. When I really stop and think about everything that I have learned, even the little things it is really amazing to me. What amazes me and glorifies me is that our Lord uses every single thing in our daily lives to teach us, how great is that.

I have learned both big and little things in these past few months, so first I will start off with the little things....

  • I have learned that I really like Chipolte, even though I was sure I would hate it, David forced me to go there one day and now I am addicted!
  • I have learned that you really can survive on a limited amount of kitchen supplies in order to cook meals!
  • I have learned that pretty much everything we eat in America is unhealthy for us, and that has depressed me greatly.
  • I have learned that time passes very quickly for someone that has nothing to do all day.
  • I have learned that FaceBook is incredibly addicting, but so much fun.
  • I have learned that with a GPS you can find pretty much anything at anytime.
  • I have learned that pretty much all towns have 3 things that I can't live without... Starbucks, Target, and Costco.
  • I have learned that pizza from "Pizza My Heart" is probably the best pizza in the world.
  • I have learned that you can find a lot of happiness by just hanging out with your cat all day.
  • I have learned that as long as you have a library near you and a great park, life can be very good.
And now for the big ones, the more self inspired ones, that I never knew I would have ever had the opportunity to learn.

  • I have learned that God is with you ALL the time, ANYWHERE, no matter what.
  • I have learned who my real friends are, and I treasure them so deeply, because without them I could have done none of this these past months.
  • Sadly, I have learned who our real family support system is, and even though that makes me sad in some ways, I am so glad for the family that we do have in our lives.
  • I have learned that people who don't even know us love us and care for us more then anything in the world.
  • I have learned that my husband is by far the greatest man in the universe, he has done so much these past few months all on his own, I am in total awe of him.
  • I have learned that you can truly function on very little sleep if you have to.
  • I have learned pretty much everything is to know about Cardiomyopathy, the Jarvick, and a long term stay in the ICU.
  • I have learned that the Lord will provide you with what you need and when you need it, no matter what it is.
  • I have learned that I can and will make friends wherever I go, and I will always love them and they will always be a part of me.
  • I have learned that John and Claire are two very strong little beings, and I am oh so proud of them.
  • I have learned that NOTHING, absolutely nothing is more important in this world then your family, and when times are tough you need to stick beside each other and stand by each other with a loving heart.
  • I have learned that prayer really does change things, you may not like the way it changes things, but it does change things.
  • I have learned that I can feel Gods presence where ever I am.
  • I have learned to accept the things that I can not change.
  • I have learned to give up some of that control that I have had all my life and lean on the Lord and to trust in him.
  • I have learned that I have an amazing support system of family, friends, church family, and co workers.
I could go on and on about the things I have learned, but the truth is I am still learning. Every day the Lord presents a new challenge in my life that I must learn from... I am glad that I have had this opportunity to really grow closer to the Lord and learn to really listen to him.


  1. WOW that is are amazing.....from Bill and Nancy's Canadian friend....

  2. It is a wise, wise woman that can learn such things! Thank you for sharing them... it is a priviledge to be a fellow Navy mom. Please know that David, you and all your family have been and will continue to be held gently in our prayers!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Stay posted, Bronwyn is also going on a Journey you know. She is not sorry to waste your time with her drivel.