Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Week.....

Things have been so crazy this past week and I have been feeling a bit frazzled... a good friend of mine suggested tonight that I blog.... and he was so right!! So here I am back at the ol' familiar keyboard doing what I do best, airing out my dirty laundry for the whole world to see! HAHA No really, it has been quite an up and down past 7 days and not just in the aspect of David. We went home for the weekend, we had out of town guests, we came back, then I traveled back for the kids last day of school, and now all 3 kids are here with me at the "homtel". In between all of that Claire has gotten very ill and the docs will begin testing her tomorrow to see what is going on with her (right now they are thinking possibly Celiac Disease) and then tonight David has 'fessed' up to not feeling up to par the past few days and the Stanford staff are a bit worried by his symptoms! So where do I begin......

Lets start with last week's clinic visit, all was pretty standard stuff. His blood pressure is still really too high and the doctors aren't happy or encouraged by that. So they doubled his blood pressure medicine because they really want to get that down as soon as possible. In addition to that his blood sugars are also too high so they doubled that medicine as well. He needs to exercise more which he really does not and will not do, that will help both of those things a great deal, but he is being very stubborn about that. His potassium levels were low so they also started him on a potassium pill this last week. His biopsy was good showing 0 rejection and he had a good echo, so that was all very pleasing. We just need to get the blood pressure and blood sugar under control before they will let us go home, probably another 4 weeks is what they are thinking.

Tonight however a whole other can of worms was opened, and it is something that I am trying to just give to God. For the past 4-5 days David has just been a big sloth! He hasn't wanted to get out of bed, he has been sleeping all day, taking lots of naps and just acting really tired. Well today I had enough of it and thought he was falling into some old habits that I thought we had gotten past! So I asked him about it, that is when he told me that he wished he had energy but he was just physically wiped out, that in the last 5 days it was like a major change in his body has occurred. He couldn't even do as much at Physical Therapy as he could last week because he was so tired. He wants to get out of bed but he physically can't, this worried me and I could tell by looking at him that he just didn't feel good so I called our nurse right away. She asked him a series of questions and was on the phone with us for a long time.

We don't have a normal clinic visit tomorrow because we are finally on every other week appointments, but some of his symptoms are alarming. Here are just a few, extreme lethargicness, frequent urination, not sleeping well at night, no appetite, and feeling like something is just "off". Because of all of these and more we are going in tomorrow at 8am for him to be seen and more then likely they will do an echo at the same time just to make sure everything is A-OK with that brand new ticker.

I of course am a nervous wreck on one hand, and even broke down on the phone with the nurse tonight. More so because I feel like I just can't take anymore, but because our God is so good he provided me with an awesome phone call from a friend tonight that encouraged me that I can get through this next step with ease, she had no idea any of this was going on and so I truly know that the phone call and the talk with her was God led.

So tomorrow we will be at doctors offices all day long, and the kids are here with me, so please pray for them as well as David. We take David in at 8am and then Claire goes in at 10:15am to be seen by a pediatrician. The Lord will be by our side tomorrow, I know this without a doubt, he hasn't stranded me yet..... I will keep you all updated.....


  1. As I read this you are already in your appoinment for David. Will be praying earnestly for both David and Claire!

  2. Storming the heavens with prayer this morning! God, we know you won't give them more than they can handle on their plate... please watch that their 'serving' is not lapping over the edges! Hang in there guys! Trust that God will see you through these challenges! Your faith is strong!

  3. Praying for all of you, as always... Lori