Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30th, 2009

We just saw the doctor and he gave us a little more information on what is going on. They aren't going to start taking him off the IV drug until Sunday or Monday, at that point they will start slowly taking him off the drug a little bit each day, no more then 1mg a day, taking about 4 days to get him off it totally. By doing it this way they can closely monitor how he is reacting to getting off the meds. Then they will wait 24 hours before trying the new meds, to give his system a rest. Then they will try the new drug and watch him closely before making a final decision. So we will be here for AT LEAST another week.


  1. I'm still praying the Lord's peace on you all. More than that I'm praying that the GREAT physician would heal David completely.
    Gabbi and a couple others would like to come visit. How do you all feel about visitors?
    It sure would be nice to just wrap arms around you all and pray.
    Can we do anything to help?

  2. Southern Cali mom. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. We may not know each other, but know a lot of people are now praying for your family. If there is anything I/we can do please let us. You are not alone. The Navy moms are here and in many states that can help, all you need to do is ask.... I hope he has a good weekend and please keep us informed. Your in good hands, I'm a nurse and he is at a great hospital and good drs.
    my love and prayers